About Us


More like a fitness center and athletic training room than a doctor’s office, each of our Rehab 2 Perform™ locations feature a variety of equipment, turf, and other features to get you moving quickly and performing at your peak!

At the end of 2014, Rehab 2 Perform™ was created to change the standard in Physical Therapy. We continue to push our brand of Physical Therapy out to the community in an effort to better serve competitive athletes, active adults and those looking to become more active, by focusing on movement, and not primarily pain. Check out the video below to learn more!

Our Mission

Rehab 2 Perform's™ mission to ensure that you reduce the risk of re-injury and are empowered with the tools you need to be physically active, and achieve performance in the areas that matter to you.

A hybrid between traditional physical therapy and personal training, Rehab 2 Perform™ provides solutions to improve movement, increase physicality and help you perform in all areas of life. With an emphasis on education and physical competency, we cater to athletes of all backgrounds - from beginners and youth to professional athletes and weekend warriors alike


Rehab 2 Perform™ was named by INC. Magazine as one of 2020’s Best Workplaces.

We are #57 of the Fastest Growing Companies in the DC Metro Region, and #1201 Fastest Growing Companies in the Nation!

Shoulder Tap Josh

Our Belief

We firmly believe that our ability to perform, is essential for all areas of our lives. Whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, triathlete, runner, CrossFitter or anything in between, our ability to perform affects more than just our physical health, but our mental and social well-being as well. In our mutual goal of improving your health and performance, it is through education that we are able to empower you to take control of the process.

At Rehab 2 Perform™, it is our goal to provide you with education and solutions that not only give you the physicality necessary to perform now, but perform for life.

Meet Our Team

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Corporate Staff

Dr. Josh Funk, DPT

Founder / CEO

Dr. Zach Baker, DPT, SCS

Area Director / Performance Physical Therapist

Matt Cornell

Chief Marketing Officer

korey 2

Korey Cobb

Chief Operations Officer


Gyn Stackhouse

Director of Administrative Operations


Yury Escobar

Billing Administrator

Shannon new small

Shannon McQuin

Administrative Support Specialist

Amy small web1

Amy Poffenbarger

Billing & Verification Support

Annapolis Staff

Dr. Jamie Schindler, DPT, SCS

Site Director / Performance Physical Therapist

Dr. Andrew Bucknor, DPT, COMT, CSCS

Performance Physical Therapist

Rayna Small

Rayna Cato

Clinic Coordinator

jeninne small

Jeninne Stewart

Clinic Coordinator

Bethesda Staff

Dr. Tim Bifulco, DPT, OCS

Site Director / Performance Physical Therapist

Dr. Ashley Green, DPT, ATC

Performance Physical Therapist

Dr. Dani Lashlee, DPT

Performance Physical Therapist

Dr. Ben Haefner, DPT

Performance Physical Therapist

alena small web

Alena Jones

Clinic Coordinator

Paris small

Parissima Hormozdi

Clinic Coordinator

Columbia Staff

Dr. Caleb Fatzinger, DPT, ATC

Site Director / Performance Physical Therapist

Cally small1

Cally Mackrell

Clinic Coordinator


Frederick Staff

Dr. Ashley Young, DPT

Site Director / Performance Physical Therapist

Dr. Kelly Yates, DPT, MTC, CMTPT

Performance Physical Therapist

Dr. Clark Dancy, DPT, CSCS, TSAC-F

Performance Physical Therapist


Dr. Chris Serrao, DPT, CSCS

Performance Physical Therapist

Dr. Sarah Onderko, DPT, CSCS

Performance Physical Therapist

Dr. Corrie Jones, DPT

Performance Physical Therapist


Dr. Samantha Curbelo, DPT

Sports Resident / Performance Physical Therapist

laura rush web small1

Laura Rush

Clinic Coordinator


kelsey small

Kelsey Herbert

Clinic Coordinator


Dr. Michael Reinhardt, DPT

Site Director / Performance Physical Therapist

Dr. Paula McCorkle, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Performance Physical Therapist

Dr. Dustin Colbert, DPT, ATC

Performance Physical Therapist

Dr. Eric Chau, DPT

Performance Physical Therapist

amanda small

Amanda Pedevillano

Clinic Coordinator


Alex small Germ

Alex Iriarte

Clinic Coordinator



Dr. Greg Ellis, DPT, CSCS

Site Director / Performance Physical Therapist

Dr. Stephanie Nichols, DPT

Performance Physical Therapist

Michele F new small

Michele Firlie

Clinic Coordinator


MiaM small pic

Mia Martinez

Clinic Coordinator



Meghan Gray, ATC

Head Athletic Trainer, St. Johns Catholic Prep