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Our Sports Rehabilitation services are exactly what you’re thinking … we work to get an athlete back to the playing field quickly and safely. Pain management is only a small part of the process. From the ACL Injury and Ankle Sprain to Shoulder Dislocations and Hamstring Pulls, the overarching goal is returning to optimal function through a wide variety of athletic movement progressions, while educating the athlete to prevent future injuries.

The Sports Rehab Facility For You

Featuring over 20 yards of turf at each of our locations, we are able to work with our sports rehabilitation clients through a full spectrum of agility, balance, coordination and other dynamic movements necessary for return to sport. Each of our Doctor of Physical Therapy level staff has advanced credentials and experience in sports performance training that enable them to take you to the highest levels of performance, all while ensuring you meet certain Return-To-Sport criteria necessary to decrease your risk of re-injury.

At Rehab 2 Perform™, we implement a Phase-Based Rehabilitation Program

sports rehab rehab 2 perform

This allows us to progress or halt the programming of an individual's rehab regimen based on whether they meet certain subjective and objective criteria.

Rehab 2 perform sports rehabilitation man in sports rehab hopping over yellow jumps

This unique and cutting-edge approach allows us to individualize the sports rehabilitation program directly to the athlete's abilities, needs and goals

Rehab 2 perform sports rehabilitation woman in sports rehab working her arms

It significantly reduces the risk of re-injury while also accelerating the rehabilitation process.

Return 2 Sport Testing

Our Physical Therapists employ the most current research when implementing Return to Sport testing that is necessary to clear our athletes for the playing field. With an extensive network in the local and regional medical community, Rehab 2 Perform™ champions our ability to communicate and function in a synergistic role with your surgeon to ensure a seamless and smooth experience while in physical therapy.

Concussion Care & Rehab

Our Physical Therapists are trained to address concussion symptoms, and help progress clients back to school, work and activity using a graded exposure rehab model.

The R2P Difference & Visit Expectations

At Rehab 2 Perform, your Initial Evaluation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy will be approximately one hour and could potentially last up to 75 minutes with subjective questions, objective movement assessments, and developing your home exercise program.

Follow-Up sessions will last approximately 25-30 minutes, 1 on 1 with your physical therapist, with the potential to have your exercise therapy routine extend the session approximately 15-20 minutes.

Our goal is for you to ‘Graduate’ from our care at optimal function, ideally pain free, and have provided you the proper education and guidance to reduce the risk of re-injury, and return to your activities with confidence!

We Accept All Major Insurance Providers

In-Network Insurances Accepted

Aetna (Including Meritan and Coventry)

Align Networks

Auto Insurance

Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Including Carefirst, Anthem and Highmark

Cigna / ASH (American Speciality Health)


Johns Hopkins Healthcare: Employer Health Programs (EHP), US Family Health Plan, & Advantage MD




United Healthcare (including MDIPA, GEHA and Humana)

Veterans Affairs Community Care
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Workers Compensation
(OWCP and Others)

Self-Pay Options

Initial Evaluation (1 hour) - $150

Follow-Up (minimum 30 minutes) - $95

Follow-Up (Post-Surgical) - $70

*15% Discount for Military & First Responders (Self Pay Only)