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Rehab 2 Perform's™ mission to ensure that you reduce the risk of re-injury and are empowered with the tools you need to be physically active, and achieve performance in the areas that matter to you.

With an emphasis on education and physical competency, R2P serves competitive athletes, active adults and those looking to become more active, by focusing on movement, and not primarily pain.

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Learn more about the ACL Rehabilitation Process, and download our ACL E-Book. An interactive Guide for Parents, Coaches and other Clinicians to to implement as part of practice, or as part of a treatment session in the later stages of sport specific rehabilitation.

14 Lateral Movements to Improve Your Workout

If you are interested in improving your exercise program to enhance both your life and sport abilities, then the extremely functional activity known as Lateral Movement should be included in your regimen.

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How 2 Speak Your Clients Language

Slow jogging or as the literature often refers to it “slogging” (Ugh, it’s even just terrible to say-  “Slogging)  is underwhelmingly un-athletic. It’s often lazy and lumbering. It’s lukewarm. Sport is dynamic.

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Setting the New Standard in Performance Rehab for Professionals through Educational Seminars, Mentorship & Online Course. Learn More Now.

Why Rehab 2 Perform™

We do Physical Therapy Different! With an innovative style of PT, we provide a World Class Service tailored to You! The Environment & Atmosphere is welcoming, engaging, with a true Return to Activity setting. Your Customized Plan of Care will be 1-on-1 with a DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy), to exceed your needs and personal goals!


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