7 Great Quinoa Recipes for Breakfast

If you love your morning oatmeal, odds are you’ll go cuckoo for breakfast quinoa, too. Not just a p.m. food, quinoa is the perfect addition to your breakfast routine. Warm and comforting, the good-for-you seed (yes, quinoa is a seed!) not only sticks to your ribs but packs a whole lot of nutrients, too. One cup of…

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Have You Met Your Deductible Yet?

As we near the end of the year, many of you might find yourselves in a situation where your insurance deductible and out-of-pocket maximums have already been met for the year, meaning the insurance company will typically pay 100% of your medical costs. Others have a flexible spending account and oftentimes those funds are lost at year-end, if not spent. So…

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Accepted Insurances: Now In-Network with Johns Hopkins

We are please to announce we are (finally!) In-Network with Johns Hopkins Healthcare supporting 4 plans: Employer Health Programs (EHP), US Family Health Plan, Priority Partners, & Advantage MD. Find a R2P Location Here to Schedule! For your convenience, Rehab 2 Perform accepts an extensive list of insurance providers including, but not limited to the…

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ACL Rehab Knee Test

Don’t Keep Injuries a Secret

Physical therapists are experts in dealing with injuries, but your PT can’t help if they don’t know about your injury! You might be wondering who would keep an injury secret. The answer is – lots of people! The first thing that comes to your mind might be an athlete, like a football player, or maybe…

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postpartum workout pregnancy physical therapy

Why Postpartum Physical Therapy?!

You just birthed a human being! It is standard practice to see a Physical Therapist 2-3x/week after a knee replacement. Why is this not the standard after giving birth?!  Your pelvic floor contains many muscles impacted during childbirth and your abdominal muscles are impacted after a cesarean birth just as the muscles in your leg…

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Mindful Eating | How 2 Master It

What is mindful eating? Mindful eating has been talked about more and more over the last few years (and for good reason!). But what exactly is mindful eating? In a nutshell, it’s a way of eating that focuses on our awareness and experience of the food we’re eating. Practicing mindfulness can not only help us…

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Sleep Better | Try These Tips

Three strategies you probably haven’t tried to Sleep Better each night. It’s 3:17 am, and you’re awake. Your bedroom is a cool 65° F, and inky black thanks to your blackout blinds. You haven’t touched caffeine since 10 am. You meditated before bed. And if you count one more stupid lamb, you’re going to scream….

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knee injuries soccer

Knee Injuries in Soccer

Knee Injuries | Dr. Corrie takes a look at ACL and knee ligament injury prevalence in soccer, the common knee mechanism of injuries, and proven knee injury prevention programs. What is FIFA 11+? 11+ is a complete warm-up program to reduce injuries among male and female football players aged 14 years and older. Teams that performed…

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Sports Resident & PT Christian Huckfeldt

Get 2 Know our Sports Resident Christian grew up in Fort Washington, PA as a multisport athlete in high school. He attended The University of Scranton, where he earned both a B.S. in Exercise Science and a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. Christian spent his first three years in college as a pitcher on…

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New Sports Resident & PT Dr. Bami Adu

Bami is our new Sports Resident (one of two), in the second year of the Residency Program. Bami grew up in Howell, New Jersey where he was the youngest of 4 kids. He played competitive soccer at the highest level throughout his youth and continued on to play Division I soccer at the University of…

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