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Intern Stories

Meet Tyler, DPT Student, St. Francis Univ.

Meet Tyler! A third year DPT Student at St. Francis University where he was able to play Football AND continue his studies in the DPT Program! As physical therapists I believe we have an incredible opportunity in the healthcare field to build deeper, more authentic relationships with our patients. I have a passion for keeping my patients engaged and making therapy sessions something that each and every patient I interact with looks forward to. 

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Meet Kyle, DPT Student

Meet Kyle! Working with our team in Frederick.  I am extremely interested in concussion rehab and its importance on both neurocognitive and musculoskeletal levels. My goals as a physical therapist are to ensure safety and efficiency with concussion rehabilitation to ensure full and safe return to sports, activities, work, etc.

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Meet Sarah, DPT Student

"I want to empower athletes to never give up and never stop doing what makes them happy by finding ways to keep themselves active despite their injury."

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meet Kyle, DPT Student - Howard

Meet Kyle! A third year student from Howard University. He is currently on rotation with our team in Frederick!  A local product of Laurel, Kyle went on to Salisbury where he played football and baseball, while earning his BS in Exercise Science.  "I look forward to working with people of all ages who share my interest in sports and performing at the highest level; most importantly in preventing and managing their pain as I have had to do for most of my athletic career."

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Meet Sean, DPT Student- Buffalo

As a physical therapist and physical preparation coach I truly believe in the power of movement to prevent disease and dysfunction as well as to promote overall health, wellness and performance regardless of age or athletic ability. Specifically, my passion lies with preventing dysfunction and the negative side effects that come with early specialization of youth athletes.

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Joey Scambia, DPT Student

A 3rd year DPT Student from the University of Rhode Island, he is working with Dr. Fatzinger in Mt. Airy.    'I am adamant about providing autonomous lifelong strategies that patients can use to improve health and performance both inside and outside the clinic.'

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Johnathan Song, DPT Student

What appealed to me about the field of physical therapy was the magnitude of impact you can make on someone’s life by improving their pain and function, and the pre-requisite of always wanting to learn more in order to become great at what you do.

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Meet Angela, DPT Student Miami

I am currently a third year DPT student at the University of Miami. Before moving to Miami, I went to The University of Scranton, where I graduated with my B.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in Nutritional Studies in 2018.

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meet Kelsey, DPT Student, Nazareth

I am especially excited to engage with young female athletes, so I can help them gain confidence and build self esteem by empowering them to heal themselves through movement. With that said, I am excited to work with all active individuals working towards getting back to the activities they enjoy, and am looking forward to being a part of their rehabilitation.

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meet Morgan, DPT Student, UMB

When it comes to being a future physical therapist, I think my specialty/niche would be working with adolescent soccer players to promote preventative and rehabilitation strategies that would set them up for success on and off the field.

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