Shoulder Health

Shoulder Pain and Weight lifting

As an active father who values staying active and healthy, you may have experienced shoulder pain while lifting weights or engaging in physical activities. Shoulder issues can be frustrating and limit your ability to perform daily tasks and enjoy recreational activities. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the causes of shoulder pain related…

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10 Shoulder Mobility Exercises and Stretches

Whether you have tightness in your shoulders, are recovering from an injury, or simply want to boost the strength of your shoulder muscles, there are specific stretches and exercises that can be especially beneficial. Including shoulder-specific exercises and stretches in your overall workout program may help increase your shoulder mobility and flexibility. 

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The Importance of Shoulder Stability

Stability is the ability to maintain proper joint position and control during movement. Consider the phrase “proximal stability for distal mobility.” Proximal means closer to your core. Distal means further away from it. So, if your core is stable, movements in joints further from your core are better. In other words, stability makes you less injury…

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