Master Your Balance in Pickleball

Balance is Key in Pickleball and it starts with Foot and Ankle Health! Dr. Haley demonstrates 3 moves to challenge your single leg balance. Perfect to help when you are tip-toeing the kitchen! Add these moves in now to improve your game! Weak ankles or feel unstable when you play? Schedule a Free Injury Consult…

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Build Power in Pickleball

Add some UMPH! to that serve and back hand! Dr. Haley demonstrates 3 moves with a medicine ball that can easily be added into your routine to increase power in your game. Add in 2 sets of each with your weekly workouts. Don’t be left on the sidelines! Stay in the action and keep your…

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Upper Back Mobility for Pickleball

Add these moves to your daily routine or pregame warmup to loosen up and stretch out your upper back. Dr. Haley demonstrates her two go to moves before hitting the courts. Upper back or shoulder issues limiting your game? Schedule a Free Injury Consult with a Physical Therapist at R2P Fitness Focused Physical Therapy Rehab…

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recovery soft tissue rehab 2 perform

Soft Tissue Recovery for Pickleball

Recovery is Key after a tournament or a long stretch of matches. Dr. Haley demonstrates some recovery techniques with two of our favorite tools: Want to use the Hypervolt Massage Guns or Recovery Compression Boots – use the code PICKLE (click redeem) coupon) for your FREE Sessions HERE Issues or Pain holding you back? Schedule…

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rehab 2 perform improve your balance

Improve Your Balance for Pickleball

Improve your balance and be ready 2 perform with these moves and progressions. Dr. Haley demonstrates 3 single leg exercises to avoid any foot faults when you are dinking in the kitchen! Add these into your routine now! Dr. Haley demonstrates: Issues or Pain holding you back? Schedule a Free Injury Consult with a Physical…

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Elbow & Shoulder Exercises for Pickleball

Bulletproof your Shoulders & Elbows with these 4 Upper body exercises from Rehab 2 Perform.  Strengthen your shoulders & help prevent injuries in the elbows with these moves. Critical as you elevate your game!  Add these into your routine now! Dr. Haley demonstrates: Loose Shoulders or Pickleball Elbow dampening your play? Get them looked at…

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Lateral Quickness for Pickleball

Here are 3 moves to help improve your Lateral Quickness on the Court. Build your Power and add a bounce in your step at the net with these exercises. Dr. Haley demonstrates: Lateral Quickness is critical for Pickleball so make sure you add them in to your routine! Roll an ankle or do you feel…

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Lower Body Dynamic Warmup for Pickleball

In this video, Dr. Haley goes through some exercises to warm-up your lower body before you hit the court. These are a must to be explosive at the net and decrease the risk of injury Add these in before your next match, to have you Ready 2 Perform! Fitness Focused Physical Therapy Rehab 2 Perform specializes…

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4 Moves to Warmup for Pickleball

Dr Haley demonstrates 4 move to warmup your upper body before you hit the courts for Pickleball. Try them before your next match! These are perfect to open up your shoulders, prep your spine and have you ready 2 perform! Fitness Focused Physical Therapy Rehab 2 Perform specializes in preventing risk to re-injury and empowering you…

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