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Meatless Menu: Try It!

Your New Meatless Monday (but still high protein) Menu

Meatless Monday is a movement that was started back in 2003 as a campaign to help people eat less meat and make better choices for their health and the health of the planet. While I personally do not encourage my clients to reduce meat (quite the opposite actually) I ALWAYS encourage them to eat more plants, namely fresh vegetables and beans/ lentils.

I support  both my omnivore and vegetarian clients alike to use this campaign to try new recipes that are sans meat, but still contain a good amount of protein and also dramatically increase their fiber intake. In this article I have compiled a list of my favorite meatless recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that will hopefully make this trend easier for you to incorporate into your weekly rotation. 


  1. One of the big benefits of adding in more vegetables is getting more fiber! While most veggies pack a punch of insoluble fiber, chia seeds are a heavy hitter when it comes to soluble fiber. Soluble fiber can help manage and prevent constipation and is also wonderful for gut health! Check out this cool recipe for High Protein Chia Pudding (Click HERE) and make these seeds part of your breakfast routine!
  2. Cottage cheese is having a moment! Videos using cottage cheese for everything from sauces to ice cream have emerged online. I love cottage cheese and the calcium and protein it provides and while many pair it with fruit I love keeping it savory. Check out this Savory Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowl (Click HERE for the recipe) and I know you will become a cottage cheese fan too (if you are not already!) 


  1. My Absolute FAVORITE Vegetarian Recipe: The Jennifer Aniston Salad. This recipe actually gets better the longer you let it sit in the fridge so it is perfect for meal prep. You can boost the protein by topping this salad with edamame or tofu or fish! Click HERE  for the recipe!
  2. Summer Roll Bowl Meal Prep: This is a vegan recipe inspired by deconstructing a summer roll. If you were wondering how to use tofu in a delicious way this recipe is for you. It also includes 38g of vegetarian protein so it will keep you fueled for any afternoon or evening activities. To access this scrumptious vegan bowl click HERE 


  1. Ambitious Kitchen strikes again with a filling and delicious Moroccan-Inspired Stew with butternut squash, chickpeas and lentils. This recipe is the perfect comfort food this time of year! I have shared this recipe with so many clients and have received nothing but rave reviews. Click HERE for the recipe!  
  2. The BEST Baked Salmon: Lisa Bryan, the author and creator of Downshiftology, is great at making the simple ingredients shine and her baked salmon recipe is no exception. Fresh herbs really make the salmon shine and the ease of this recipe will encourage you to incorporate fish more often! I would recommend pairing this recipe with a baked sweet potato and a simple garden salad… again do not forget meatless Monday is also about eating more vegetables so do not skimp on that! Click HERE for the baked salmon recipe! 

I hope you find these recipes delicious and they continue to support your health and nutrition goals in 2024.

-In Health & Happiness, Jessica Murgueytio

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