Discipline with Diet

One of my favorite inspirational phrases is “Discipline equals freedom.” Former Navy Seal Jocko Willink made this phrase famous and even wrote a book about it.  A disciplined life is free from the constraints of bad choices, poor habits and addiction. Accomplishments build confidence and autonomy and allows one to act without the restraints of…

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Let’s Talk Carbs

Don’t Hate the Potato In the ever changing, multi-billion-dollar dieting industry, we tend to pick a macronutrient each decade that we can claim as making us unhealthy or overweight. In the 1960-1970s, we blamed fat, hence the creation of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! and SnackWell’s cookies. Once the low-fat fad faded (and the…

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Upper Back Mobility for Pickleball

Add these moves to your daily routine or pregame warmup to loosen up and stretch out your upper back. Dr. Haley demonstrates her two go to moves before hitting the courts. Upper back or shoulder issues limiting your game? Schedule a Free Injury Consult with a Physical Therapist at R2P Fitness Focused Physical Therapy Rehab…

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Build Your Quad Strength

Quads play a major role in your success on the soccer field. Dr. Bami from R2P, discusses and demonstrates his favorite exercise to strengthen your quad. Add this into your routine to help reduce the risk of injury, and elevate your game!  Try this Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat. Test it out with Bodyweight before…

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Struggling with IBS? FODMAP Plan

Have you been struggling with IBS? Diarrhea? Unrelenting gas and bloating? Chronic constipation? Have you read about or heard about the FODMAP diet but find it way too overwhelming?? The ROAD MAP to FODMAP plan is here to help! This handout provides all the information you need to start tackling your irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)…

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Prenatal DHA

Support mom and baby during pregnancy and through nursing with omega-3’s and this prenatal DHA for brain development

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Cooler on the Beach

5 Best Snacks for the Beach Cooler

Pack the PERFECT Cooler for the Beach or Pool Day Summer is in full swing and hopefully you have been able to spend it outside in nature soaking up the delicious sunshine. Whether your time is spent camping or at the beach or at your neighborhood pool, packing a cooler full of the food is…

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Health and Wellness

Upgrade Your Sleep Routine

The first time I meet with a patient I do a full assessment of their diet and lifestyle and the third question I ask is “How well do you sleep at night and how much sleep do you get?”. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm to address the topic is typically met with hesitation, indifference, and resistance. It…

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Thorne magnesium sleep nutrition Dietary Supplement Package

More Vitamin D

We can only make about 20% of the vitamin D that we need to help our body run optimally from the sun.

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recovery soft tissue rehab 2 perform

Soft Tissue Recovery for Pickleball

Recovery is Key after a tournament or a long stretch of matches. Dr. Haley demonstrates some recovery techniques with two of our favorite tools: Want to use the Hypervolt Massage Guns or Recovery Compression Boots – use the code PICKLE (click redeem) coupon) for your FREE Sessions HERE Issues or Pain holding you back? Schedule…

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