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Quick Heart Healthy Meals

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Get Heart Healthy with Mighty Meals – AND Save $

With only two more weeks left in National Heart Month, I am going to let you in on my little secret for caring for my heart when I have little time… Welcome in, Mighty Meals, the nutritious meal delivery service that will deliver fresh and ready to eat meals to your front door. This company has helped keep me and my family well fed when our weekend schedule did not allow for my routine meal prep. Below I have listed what I believe are some of their most heart healthy meals. These meal options have a good amount of fiber, are lower in total and saturated fat and also provide a wide array of different antioxidants, all of which are very important to reducing your risk of heart disease. 

Top Heart Healthy Options

  1. Moroccan Shrimp (only 5g of fat and under 400kcals)
  2. Vegan Bolognese with Spaghetti Squash (only 7g of fat and a whopping 12g of fiber!) 
  3. Turkey BLT Wrap (my personal favorite with only 7g of fat, and 39g of protein and only 350kcals) 
  4. Balsamic Chicken with farro & green beans (1.5g of saturated fat and 9g of fiber) 
  5. Carved Turkey Breast Dinner (11g of fiber and 7g of fat) 


If you want to try Mighty Meals for yourself use the code PERFORMNOW at checkout and receive $25 off your first four orders >$75 and free delivery on your first order. I hope you enjoy these meals as much as I do! Get started and ORDER HERE

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-In Health & Happiness, Jessica Murgueytio

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