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Freshen Up Your Training Program

Reinvigorate Your Running Routine with New Training

As runners, we often find solace in the rhythm of our routines. But sometimes, the monotony of training can start to wear us down. If you’re feeling like your running routine is getting stale, it might be time to shake things up. Spending a little bit of time exploring different aspects of the running spectrum can reinvigorate your training and keep you motivated. Here are some fresh workouts to try that will add variety and excitement to your program.

Swap Interval Runs for Fartlek Runs

If your interval runs are starting to feel like a chore, give Fartlek runs a try. Fartlek, a Swedish term meaning “speed play,” involves varying your pace throughout the run. Unlike structured intervals, Fartlek runs are more spontaneous. You can pick landmarks such as trees or lamp posts as your cues to speed up or slow down. This unpredictability keeps your mind engaged and can make your run more enjoyable. Plus, Fartlek runs improve your speed and endurance without the rigidity of traditional interval training.

Replace Steady State Tempo Runs with Progression Training

Steady-state tempo or threshold runs can sometimes become monotonous. A great alternative is progression runs, which involve gradually increasing your pace throughout the workout. Start at a comfortable pace and incrementally speed up so that you finish at your fastest sustainable pace. Progression runs help improve your endurance and pacing strategy, and the gradual increase in intensity can make the workout feel less daunting and more rewarding.

Switch Gears with Long Slow Distance Runs

If high-intensity training is starting to wear you down, consider incorporating long slow distance (LSD) runs into your schedule. LSD runs are performed at a comfortable, conversational pace and are designed to build your aerobic base and endurance. They offer a mental break from the intensity of speed work and allow you to enjoy the simple pleasure of running. These runs are crucial for recovery and can help prevent burnout.

Join a Training Group or Try Group Exercise Classes

Running alone can sometimes feel isolating. If you’re tired of solo runs, try joining a run club or group. Running with others can provide motivation, support, and a sense of community. It can also make your runs more fun and engaging. If you’re looking to completely switch things up, consider a month of something different like spin classes or other group exercise classes. Options like Orange Theory, CrossFit, and other gym classes offer a variety of workouts that challenge you in new ways and keep your training exciting.

Embrace the Change with Training

Remember, the goal is to keep your training fresh and enjoyable. Experimenting with different workouts and settings can help you rediscover your love for running and maintain your enthusiasm. It’s important to listen to your body and adjust your training as needed. Variety not only prevents monotony but also helps you become a more well-rounded runner by targeting different aspects of fitness.

So, take a moment to evaluate your current training program and consider incorporating some of these ideas. Whether it’s a new type of run, joining a group, or trying a different fitness class, a little change can go a long way in keeping your running routine exciting and sustainable.

The Finish Line

This month, why not give one of these new workout styles a try and see how it invigorates your running routine? And don’t forget to share your experiences with us at Run R2P – we’d love to hear about your journey!

-Happy running, Dr. Greg

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