Are you a fan of pull ups? Why does every top workout program out there include them as a back or bicep exercise? And why is it such a popular military drill exercise? 

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Put Us on your Team

Physical therapists have a unique set of skills and expertise that can do a lot to improve your health and quality of life. If you don't have one, consider adding one to your healthcare team.

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What Really Happens to Your Body When You Drink Beer Every Night

While researchers are still not sure whether beer is good for your heart and brain health, there's more conclusive evidence around weight and kidney health. We're not surprised that beer's your drink of choice — it's the most popular alcoholic beverage in the United States, making up over 55 percent of all alcohol imbibed, per…

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5 Benefits of Side Plank Pose

This pose works your core to a huge extent. You have to really use your belly muscles to stay upright, so you'll definitely be feeling the core work the day after.

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All that caffeine, what really happens to your body

Whether it's your morning cup of joe, afternoon Diet Coke or pre-gym energy drink, many of us look to caffeinated beverages for a little extra boost. Indeed, according to a January 2014 study published in ​Food and Chemical Toxicology,​ a whopping 85 percent of Americans down at least one caffeinated drink per day.

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back stretch

The Importance of Upper Back Strength

When it comes to building a strong back, the inverted row is arguably one of the best exercises you can do. This dynamic back building exercise holds a ton of benefits for both beginners and experienced lifters. Here are the benefits of the Inverted or Body Weight Row

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Transitioning from a Solo Practice to a Team

Dr. Josh Funk established Rehab 2 Perform in Maryland in 2014. Within two years, the company already had 14 employees and has now grown to four locations. In 2020, Rehab 2 Perform landed on both the Inc. Magazine Best Places to Work List and the Inc. 5000 List for the fastest-growing companies in the nation!

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back pain

TRICARE Thinks PT is so Valuable, They’re Covering the Whole Cost!

The data is out there that proves physical therapy is the cheapest and most effective treatment for most people's low back pain. It's clear that people with back pain should start treatment with their physical therapist, but most don't. TRICARE's pilot program that waives copays for up to three PT visits aims to change that….

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High Value Care

"Increasing the value of health care refers to improving patients’ quality of care and outcomes, improving patients’ access to care, and reducing overall costs of care. In contrast, low-value care refers to interventions that: are not proven to benefit patients; may harm patients; result in unnecessary costs; or waste health care resources."

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