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Lets Talk Knee Pain

Knee pain can be caused by disease or injury. Among American adults, approximately 25% have experienced knee pain affecting the function of the knee.

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meet Kristen, DPT Student, Miami

Meet Kristen! A second year student from the University of Miami. She is currently working with Dr. Reinhardt in Germantown. 'I am really looking forward to this opportunity to learn from Rehab 2 Perform as they embody how physical therapy should look with their focus on patient centered care and education.'

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Meet Rosalie

Meet Rosalie a 3rd year DPT Student from Nazareth College. 'I can’t wait to work with the clients as well as the therapists and enhance my knowledge of the rehab field while also being able to focus on movement and strength to maximize performance.'

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Welcome Clark

Meet Dr. Clark Dancy! He joins our team in Frederick. 'Two populations I really enjoy working with are tactical athletes and strength sport athletes.'

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meet Chris, DPT Student- Pitt

A 3rd year DPT Student from Pitt, Chris is working with Dr. Ellis in Mt. Airy. With a Strength & Conditioning background he is excited to to work with the active population at R2P.

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Meet Morgan, DPT Student - GWU

Morgan is a 3rd year DPT Student from George Washington University working with Dr. Bifulco in Bethesda.  Prior to PT School, she earned her BA in Athletic Training from Messiah College where she was on the Field Hockey Team winning the National Championship in 2016!  After Field Hockey, she found a love for Strength & Conditioning and has now started certifications in Nutrition. 

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Importance of Core Strength

Core stability refers to the ability to keep your spine from moving during physical activity, such as walking, running, swimming, etc. Your core helps you control your body effectively

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What is Deconditioning?

Exercise creates many changes in your body - your heart begins to pump blood more efficiently, your muscles use oxygen more efficiently, they contract in a more coordinated manner, and your body gets more efficient turning food into fuel to name just a few. Deconditioning is the reversing of these changes. Exercise is a "use it or lose it" kind of thing, and deconditioning is the process by which we "lose it."

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Add Single Leg Training Now!

Single-leg training is a critical tool for developing balanced strength. In the past, single-leg exercises were used to supplement traditional two-legged programs, but some experts are beginning to make single-leg training a primary focus.

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Meet Jori

Meet Jori! A third year DPT Student from Shenandoah University, she is also working towards a dual degree in Athletic Training. She is currently working with Dr. Jamie Wood in Frederick. 'My goal is to help other athletes and active individuals get back to the things they love to do. I take special interest in working with the overhead athlete and patients who have undergone ACL reconstruction surgeries.'

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