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RECAP: Youth Performance Seminar @ Anytime Fitness

Earlier this month Gene Sherman invited Rehab 2 Perform out to Anytime Fitness at Spring Ridge to talk with parents and athletes about injury reduction and performance training.  Dr. Zach Baker and Dr.

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Meet the Team: Marci Jenkins

Question: Why did you want to become involved in health care?Throughout my life I have always been passionate about fitness, nutrition and total body health. I have taken much interest in all aspects of exercise and body awareness. This passion coupled with my intense love of helping and assisting others inspired me to want to become more involved with health care.

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Meet the Physical Therapy Intern: Taylor!

Taylor Mannix is a 3rd year Physical Therapy student at the University of Miami. She is fulfilling her third clinical rotation with us here at our Frederick location. If you happen to work with Taylor or see her in the clinic make sure to give her a warm welcome!! 

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Meet the Physical Therapy Intern: Mike!

Mike Reinhardt is a third year Doctorate of Physical Therapy student at the University of Buffalo. He will be with us for 12 weeks at our Germantown location shadowing over Dr. Anthony Iannarino. If you see him please give him a warm welcome! 

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Meet The Team: Jody Belknap

Meet the Team!!! Jody Belknap will be joining us in the evenings as our new Client Coordinator! Next time you're in the office make sure to introduce yourself and get to know this smiling face of R2P 

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Achilles Tendinitis | Strengthen And Heal Painful Achilles

Achilles Tendinitis: Learn To Strengthen And Heal Painful Achilles Achilles tendinitis can take an athlete out of the game, ruin a training regiment, or keep you out of the gym and on the couch. Worse, pain in the Achilles can impact even the most cautious of athletes. The story of Achilles is one of the best-known Greek myths. The hero Achilles was struck down by a pierce to the heel with an arrow.

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Meet the Physical Therapy Intern: Zach Mitchell

Zach Mitchell is a third year physical therapy student at St. Francis University in Loretto, Pennsylvania. He will be spending the next 8 weeks here with us so please give him a warm welcome!

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Meet the Physical Therapy Intern: Elaina

Please give a warm welcome to Elaina Mezzasalma, SPT. Elaina is currently in her second year at University of Miami. She will be with us for the nextcouple weeks so take a few moments to get to know her!

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What is Physical Therapy like for an Ankle Sprain?

Rehabbing A Sprained Ankle, Getting Back On Your Feet A sprained ankle is not an uncommon injury, but can be very painful and may require extensive time and therapy to heal. Typically, ankle sprains are categorized as one of the following “Grades,” depending on the severity of the sprain. The extent of physical therapy required to help heal an ankle sprain will depend on how the sprain is graded and whether surgery is required.

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RECAP: Pitch Perfect

Dr. Zachary Baker, DPT, CSCS led the 6th installment of our community lecture series with a seminar titled “Pitch Perfect”. The lecture covered baseball throwing mechanics, common injuries associated with the throwing motion and rehabilitation considerations to help manage these athletes. In addition, Dr.

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