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meet Kyle, DPT Student - Howard

Meet Kyle! A third year student from Howard University. He is currently on rotation with our team in Frederick!  A local product of Laurel, Kyle went on to Salisbury where he played football and baseball, while earning his BS in Exercise Science.  "I look forward to working with people of all ages who share my interest in sports and performing at the highest level; most importantly in preventing and managing their pain as I have had to do for most of my athletic career."

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In Defense of Walking More and Running Less 

From a physical perspective, research shows that bouts of exercise under 60 minutes can be great for your immune system, and that now more than ever, it’s important that we don’t overtrain. And according to Polly de Mille, RN, CSCS, and director of Tisch Sports Performance Center at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), these morning walks are doing some good for my running stride, too.

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Injury Mitigation

The proceeding discussion is in response to a discussion that resonated with me from this past weekend's online summit. Our very own Jarred Boyd opened the floor to discuss the question of, "what is injury prevention?" and the responses were both phenomenal and humbling. "Injury prevention" is a rather nebulous term that means vastly differing things to different people.

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How to Enjoy Healthy Eating

A healthy eating style is less about sticking to a specific diet and more about simply doing your best to make better food choices. So whether my patients are carnivores or vegans, I remain open to helping them eat better for their mental health.

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Dynamic hamstring movements mimic the motions of everyday life. That’s especially important these days because our modern cubicle world gives us tight hamstrings since we sit on our glutes all day.

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Meet Sean, DPT Student- Buffalo

As a physical therapist and physical preparation coach I truly believe in the power of movement to prevent disease and dysfunction as well as to promote overall health, wellness and performance regardless of age or athletic ability. Specifically, my passion lies with preventing dysfunction and the negative side effects that come with early specialization of youth athletes.

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The Best Pre-Workout Foods and the Science of Why They Work

What should you eat or drink before your workout? And when should you do it? Here's what you need to know to properly fuel your sweat sesh.

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Use these tips and techniques to get a better night's rest for recovery and piece of mind. By Oscar Health (Muscle & Fitness) Sleep is fundamentally important to our overall health, there is absolutely no denying that. It helps the body recover from hard actives of the day, allows our minds to decompress from the stress that life throws at us, and allows us to just reset,

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Not Seeing Progress? Here are 6 Questions to Ask. 

We’ve all been in this situation. You look at your schedule and it's the client you just can’t seem to move the needle with. You’ve both tip toed the conversation hoping they would turn the corner.  Today, they come to you and say, “I just feel like I am not making any progress”. In this moment, where does your mind go?

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20 ways to keep your weight in check

There are countless hacks, tricks, and tips that can speed up weight loss by helping you eat less, make better food choices, and get started down a healthier path. Adjust what you stock in your pantry, alter your meal scheduling, and manipulate your serving sizes to lose that holiday weight as fast as possible. Here are 20 ways to lose weight without the gym that’ll help kickstart your fat-loss journey.

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