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Have You Met Your Deductible Yet?

As we near the end of the year, many of you might find yourselves in a situation where your insurance deductible and out-of-pocket maximums have already been met for the year, meaning the insurance company will typically pay 100% of your medical costs.

Others have a flexible spending account and oftentimes those funds are lost at year-end, if not spent. So how does this affect you when it comes to those aches and pains that you’ve been meaning to take care of?

The Pains

Sometimes aches and pains seem to come out of nowhere, and other times what seems like a simple injury results in lasting pain. Maybe you’ve been experiencing a pinching sensation in your knees as you squat, or maybe your low back issues are flaring up more frequently working from home. Do you feel pain in your shin every time you run? These are all common issues our team at Rehab 2 Perform can help with.

Most insurance policies renew at the top of the year, if that is for you – now is the time to get in for physical therapy to get those issues resolved, especially if your insurance deductible has been met.  Your cost for therapy services may be significantly reduced, or better yet – covered 100%, depending on your individual plan, and if your deductible has been met. So now is the perfect time to give physical therapy a try!

Furthermore, some insurance companies have limits on the number of physical or occupational therapy visits you are allowed per calendar year. If you haven’t used all of your allowed therapy visits for the year, it’s important to take advantage of them before they expire! Oftentimes your treatment may just consist of a few visits.

R2P is Here for You

The good news is, you can normally go directly to therapy and schedule an appointment any time, without a referral from a physician with Direct Access.

We accept all major insurances, including the Johns Hopkins Healthcare Network! Our dedicated staff will also verify your benefits for you, and let you know what costs you may incur!  8 convenient locations in the DMV!  Get a jump on your health, and be Ready 2 Perform at the start of 2023!


Rehab 2 Perform specializes in preventing risk to re-injury and empowering you with the tools to stay active. We serve the AnnapolisBethesdaColumbiaFrederickGambrillsGermantown and Mt. Airy areas in Maryland, and now in the Tysons Corner Business District in Virginia. Contact us today at 1(301) 798- 4838 or schedule an appointment by visiting us here today. 

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