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Gift Ideas for Runners


Today I’ll be doing you a favor and compiling a few gift ideas for the runner on your holiday shopping list! It’s no secret that running can come with all sorts of paraphernalia from running shoes, to gps and heart rate monitors, and other wellness items. Here are a few of my favorites and a little about each of them. I’ll include a link with each item but fair warning, it may not be the best deal. I’m not going deal hunting for you too! 

  1. Tiger Tail

Everyone is well aware of foam rollers and their potential benefits to a runners wellness routine. However, I want to take this opportunity to highlight the Tiger Tail (or any potential spin off that suits you). These hand held muscle rollers are essentially a wellness rolling pin. They function in the same manner as a foam roller. They allow you to put mechanical pressure into your muscles, massaging them, and help to reduce soreness or tightness. 

Here are a couple of their advantages. They’re easy to store away or pack with you without taking up too much space. Personally, I find it more comfortable and easy to address areas of soreness in the calf, shin, quad, and hamstring compared to the occasionally cumbersome nature of foam rolling techniques. You can also roll the bottom of your foot with ease if you don’t happen to have a lacrosse ball at home. 

  1. Light Up Running Vest

These vests are a great idea for the runner in your life who trains outside year round. When Fall and Winter roll around each year runners are met with not only colder but darker runs. This vest will ensure everyone on the road sees you and keeps you safe. This vest has the added benefit of being reflective in case you forget to charge the vest or it runs out of battery on those long runs (and it claims to have a battery life of up to 48 hours). 

There are also plenty of options out there that are simply reflective if you or the runner in your life may not go for the bright Christmas tree look. 

  1. Running Headlamp

Similar to our last item, this running head lamp can be perfect for those early morning or late evening runs during the Fall and Winter. The above link is said to be the best bargain according to ‘Runner’s World’ and there are a multitude of options and prices available on the internet depending on what your runner needs. 

In addition to letting you see a hole in the sidewalk or a patch of ice on those really cold runs this lamp will also let drivers and other pedestrians know you’re there and keep you safe!

  1. FlipBelt Running Belt

Personally I love this belt. Whether you need something just to store your keys or your phone while you run, or carry all your snacks and nutrition accessories on those really long runs, this belt can do the trick. It’s become a staple of my long distance running and I find myself recommending it all the time.

It’s discreet, easily fitting under your clothes or shirts. It’s also thin and doesn’t get in your way. I can’t recommend this enough for those runners tired of the standard arm band to carry their phone. 

  1. The Gift of R2P

It’s no secret that many runners will deal with some sort of ache or pain that limits their performance or enjoyment of running. If you’re tired of hearing about their aches and pains send them our way and we’ll see what we can do!

Fill out the details in the link above and our staff will reach out to get you or your runner scheduled! If you refer a friend and they schedule with us there may be something in it for you!

Here’s what’s included: A Free 30 minute Injury Consult with a Performance Physical Therapist, and one (1) Free Recovery Session featuring Normatec Compression Boots & Hyperice Products.

Hopefully you’re leaving today with a few gift ideas for that runner on your holiday shopping list! Stay tuned for further running updates, blogs, and fitness content!

-Keep running strong!, Dr. Greg.

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