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Halloween Nutrition: Dinner Options

Almost every kid (and adult if we are honest) gets excited about Halloween! The costumes, the decorations, the trick-o-treating and, of course, the candy. Before your kiddos get loaded up on sugar it is very important to balance their mental and physical needs with some fiber and protein. Below I have provided a few festive dinner ideas that will give them and you a good hit of nutrition before the fun desserts come in! 

Jack-o’-Lantern Chicken & Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers: 

Healthy Halloween Pasta Salad: 

Frightfully Delicious Jack-o-Lantern Cheeseburgers: 

Remember with the kiddos to sort the candy before you let them consume it. This will allow you to remove choking hazards when needed, remove unwrapped/ partially opened candy and also help your kids regulate their intake of sugar in one evening. I hope everyone enjoys this fun fall holiday!

– In Health & Happiness, Jessica Murgueytio (follow me on Instagram!)

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