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What is the one amino aids that is essential to muscle AND gut health? Glutamine is the preferred fuel source for the intestinal cells which makes this supplement essential for those suffering from inflammatory bowel disease like Celiac’s disease. It has been shown to strengthen the gut barrier and reduce gut permeability (i.e. “leaky gut”). Glutamine can benefit athletes since it also has a role in muscle and soft tissue repair, so supplementation with glutamine routinely can enhance recovery from training. 

Recommended Dose:

  • Varies tremendously from person to person: 5g-30g daily

Why Thorne? Thorne is trusted by many in the industry, as all of their products are third party certified and NSF certified which is a governing body that ensures the products are not tainted with substances that are banned by NCAA and other sports organizations. They also have physicians on their board to ensure product quality and purpose.

R2P Thorne Dispensary: 

-In Health & Happiness – Jessica Murgueytio, Registered Dietitian, Rehab 2 Perform

Nutrition Therapy Services

R2P is proud to offer individual nutrition counseling with our new registered dietitian, Jessica Murgueytio. Personalized nutrition helps your body function optimally and increases the body’s ability to heal and strengthen itself. Both In-Person or from the comfort of your home, get started with your Nutrition Plan Now. Learn More Here!