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Meet the Intern: Sam Shipley

MEET THE INTERN SAM! Please welcome Sam Shipley to the Rehab 2 Perform community! Sam is a recent graduate of Slippery Rock University and is taking care of some pre-requisite courses and hours necessary to apply to physical therapy or occupational therapy school. We hope that his experience at Rehab 2 Perform is positive and that he decides on physical therapy school! Question: Why did you decide to enter the Health and Wellness field?

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Meet the Team: Ryanne Spigelman

MEET RYANNE Question: Why did you want to become involved in health care? Answer: I have always wanted to have a career in the health field, the problem was figuring out where I belonged I moved out to Idaho to attend Boise State University and that is where I discovered

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RECAP: ACL Talk W/ Dr. Zach Baker

Dr. Zachary Baker, DPT, CSCS hosted the first lecture of our Community Lecture series Wednesday April 12th at our Frederick location.  Dr.

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Meet the Team: Dr. Anthony Iannarino


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Meet the Team: Dr. Caleb Fatzinger

MEET OUR NEW PHYSICAL THERAPIST: CALEB!   Question: Why did you decided to become a physical therapist?

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Q&A with Hood lacrosse star Kara Phoubandith

By Kyle McFadden Kara Phoubandith traveled down an uncharted path. After suffering her first major injury in the spring of 2016, a torn ACL, the prospects of a promising lacrosse career appeared uncertain.

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What is Physical Therapy like for an Ankle Sprain?

Rehabbing A Sprained Ankle, Getting Back On Your Feet A sprained ankle is not an uncommon injury, but can be very painful and may require extensive time and therapy to heal. Typically, ankle sprains are categorized as one of the following “Grades,” depending on the severity of the sprain. The extent of physical therapy required to help heal an ankle sprain will depend on how the sprain is graded and whether surgery is required.

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Transcribed Podcast with Dr. Funk on Frederick Advice Givers

“A life worth telling a story about. And I think that just really, just changed my trajectory in terms of how, how I approach life, how I approach free time, how I've become a lot more of say yes to just about anything, say no a whole lot less. It's just really allowed me to expand my boundaries and maybe some self limitations I put on myself”. THE PODCAST INTERVIEWER: ERIC VERDI INTERVIEWEE: DR. JOSH FUNKAUDIO: 31:25 AUDIO BEGINS:

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Dr. Josh Funk Featured on Hardwood Hustle Podcast

Dr. Josh Funk Featured on Hardwood Hustle Podcast Below is the transcribed version of the Hardwood Hustle Podcast that Dr. Josh Funk was recently featured on. Enjoy! [If you put your effort and concentration into your play - to be the best that you can be; I don't care what the scoreboard says at the end of the game, in my book we're going to be winners.

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RECAP: Developing the Healthy Youth Athlete

RECAP: Developing the Healthy Youth Athlete This past week, we hosted our 3rd ever Community Talk series featuring a presentation by Dr. Josh Funk on "Developing the Healthy Youth Athlete." Dr. Funk designed this presentation with the coach and parent in mind, in hopes of helping facilitate strategies that utilize current concepts to help youth athletes stay healthy throughout their athletic careers. Throughout the presentation, the Long Term Athlete Development model was referenced by Dr.

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