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Get PT First For Back Pain

Chances are, you or someone you know has had back pain. Each year 15% of the population has their first episode of back pain, and over the course of our lives, 80% of us will have back pain. Even though back pain is common, the medical community does a poor job managing it. Stories of chronic pain, opioid use, multiple surgeries, and a lifetime of disability are far too common.  Let’s look at some of the common treatments for low back pain and see how they stack up against physical therapy:

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Stephanie, DPT Student

Meet Stephanie! A third year Doctorate of Physical Therapy student at Shenandoah University.  She attended James Madison for undergrad earning her degree in Kinesiology with a minor in coaching. During her time at JMU she played soccer for the Dukes.  She is very passionate about educating and helping others live a healthier and more active lifestyle and is particularly interested in ACL injury prevention programs as well as running mechanics and gait analysis.  

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Rehab 2 Perform is excited to announce that we have been honored on the list of highest rated companies in Maryland by Top Rated Local®, a 5 pillar experience based rating system that analyzes ratings and reviews from hundreds of verified review sites online and then ranks businesses based on their overall Rating Score™.

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Kortney Dwyer, PTA Student

Meet Kortney! A former D1 athlete (lacrosse), crossfit athlete and coach with a strong passionate about physical fitness and human performance. She has been fortunate enough to see and experience first hand the positive impact human movement can have on the lives of individuals. Kortney holds a great respect for the body’s unique ability to heal itself through movement and understand the implications pain can have on the human psyche.

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Prehab Before Surgery

Prehabilitation is the process of enhancing the functional ability of a patient before he or she undergoes a stress event, like a major surgery.

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Troop Movement with SoldierFit

Dr. Josh Funk was recently featured on the Troop Movement with SoldierFit CEO and good friend Danny Farrar. Check it out!

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Movement Journey

Think of physical therapists as “movement consultants” who can ensure that your body is physically ready to tackle a new challenge—or resume a favorite leisure activity. This is a good time for your PT to step in and help you shake off the rust. The rehab professional can customize an exercise plan to help you slowly return to sport and avoid an injury that could sideline you for the whole season

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Look Ma! No Hands.

This anxiety-inducing fitness test purports to tell you how long you’ll live. We investigated.

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It's All about the Funk Doctor (Podcast)

Dr. Funk recently joined Dr. Dy'Mire Jones, PT, DPT, CF-L1 on the High Impact Health Podcast. A podcast meant for fitness athletes, coaches, clinicians, and students that want dive deep into the world of fitness, health, and wellness.

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Youth Athletes & Concussions

New research brings good news to the 1.1 million to 1.9 million American kids who suffer sport-related concussions each year. The typical medical recommendations – absence from school, long days in dark rooms with no phone or electronics, and most importantly, strict avoidance of physical activity – might soon go the way of “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.”

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