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Can You Remember Yesterday?

Science explains why time is so disorienting and mind-numbing these days

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Strength & Longevity with Muscle Mass

When optimizing our health and longevity, prioritizing muscle mass and muscle strength are critically important considerations.  Our muscle mass, and strength decline with age.

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R2P Approved for Sports Residency

This is the first and only Sports Residency in the state of Maryland offered at a private practice! Applications open June 1st. Begins September 8th.

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You Can Burnout from Work At Home Too

Workplace burnout doesn't just happen to people who put in long hours at the office. It's also a threat to the millions of people working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Diet Modulates Brain Network Stability

The brain is exceptionally sensitive to metabolic disruption. Diabetes, insulin resistance, and other forms of metabolic impairment have been linked to cognitive deficits and dysfunction,

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Snack the Right Way

Snacking can be a healthy habit when it’s done with thoughtfulness, but it’s important to pay attention to and identify your food cravings so you can eat more mindfully.

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I Have Sciatica, Now What? Part 2

Will sciatica come back again?  A majority of people are able to return to the activities they love doing without any discomfort or pain.

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I have Sciatica, Now What?

How long is this going to take for my sciatica to go away? 

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Your Brain a Computer?

We are living through one of the greatest of scientific endeavours – the attempt to understand the most complex object in the universe, the brain.

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INC Best Workplaces

Rehab 2 Perform has been named to Inc. magazine’s annual list of the Best Workplaces for 2020!

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