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Age Well with PT

We can't stop time. But with the right type and amount of physical activity, we can help stave off many age-related health problems and live life to its fullest. Here are 9 things physical therapists want you to know to age well.

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Mark, DPT Student Nazareth

Mark, a third year DPT student from Nazareth is currently working with Dr. Ashley Young at our Frederick facility. Early on he knew he wanted to explore the medical field and experience his own rehab experience as a multisport athlete growing up. Mark's interest in strength and conditioning peaked in college as he went on to get his degree in Health Sciences.  Mark plans to incorporate and mesh physical therapy with his sports performance background to continue on a path to best serve the...

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Take a Warm Bath 1-2 hours Before Bedtime to Get Better Sleep

Systematic review protocols — a method used to search for and analyze relevant data — allowed researchers to analyze thousands of studies linking water-based passive body heating, or bathing and showering with warm/hot water, with improved sleep quality.

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The Level Up Initiative, Episode 23

Check out our own Dr. Josh Funk on the latest episode of The Level Up Initiative Podcast! Through education on mindset, thinking, and communication, The Level Up Initiative fills a void of what is missing in healthcare education, while creating a network that is equipped and driven to navigate this seemingly insurmountable healthcare epidemic that we are faced with today.

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Brittany, DPT Student

Brittany, a third year DPT student from the University of Vermont is working with Dr. Jamie Wood at our Frederick facility. A competitive runner, Brittany ran in college for Hofstra on their Cross Country Team. Battling through some injuries, it wasn't until Brittany experience physical therapy that helped blossom her running.  Having an understanding and learning the human body in her journey has lead her down the path of PT and a desire to help athletes of all levels prevent injuries and get...

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Higher vitamin A intake linked to lower skin cancer risk

Researchers found that people who ate high levels of vitamin A were 17 percent less likely to get the second-most-common type of skin cancer years later.

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Best Cleats for Turf

The NFL Musculoskeletal Committee has coordinated extensive research on athletic shoe safety and performance. The committee has developed laboratory tests that evaluate which cleats best permit release on synthetic turf during potentially injurious loading.

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New study shows why people gain weight as they get older

Many people struggle to keep their weight in check as they get older. Now new research at Karolinska Institute has uncovered why that is: Lipid turnover in the fat tissue decreases during ageing and makes it easier to gain weight, even if we don’t eat more or exercise less than before. T

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Do You Know Your Movement Vital Signs?

Research is now showing the importance of moving properly for health. Let's take a look at some of the numbers you can use to quantify your movement health.

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Meet KC, DPT Student

A DPT Student from the University of Vermont, KC is working with Dr. Fatzinger in Mt. Airy.  She has always been intrigued with the human body and the systems that work together to allow us to move and perform. A 3 sport athlete from Philly, she attended UVM earning her BS in Exercise and Movement Science before enrolling in their DPT program.  Through joining the UVM Olympic Weightlifting team, she discovered CrossFit and has fell in love with the sport since, and enjoys working with that...

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