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MAXIMIZING YOUR HIGH SCHOOL WEIGHT ROOM ROUTINE The high school weight room is flooded with a variety of athletes of different backgrounds, abilities and skill levels.  However, the majority of them all share one common theme: “I want to work as hard as I can to become a better athlete”. While you have to admire and appreciate their intent, it pains me to see that many of these athletes are working harder than necessary only to fall short of accomplishing their goals.

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What is Core Stability?

​What is core stability? No, seriously, what is the definition of core stability? Is It the ability to have 6 pack abs? Is it the ability to hollow out, or suck in, my abdominal region? Is it the ability to “brace” my abs with everything that I do? How do I achieve what many people consider to be one of the key components of athletic performance and injury prevention, if I don’t know what it is?

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What is Tendinopathy?

  WHAT IS A TENDINOPATHY?   A tendon is a connective tissue that attaches muscles to bones. They have the capability of storing energy as well as releasing energy to allow for efficient movement. Tendon injuries typically occur at insertion points near joints, however than can also occur within the muscle belly. It may seem tendon injuries occur spontaneously, though it is usually a result of repetitive overload.

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RECAP: ACL Talk W/ Dr. Zach Baker

Dr. Zachary Baker, DPT, SCS hosted a Community Lecture at our Frederick location.  Dr.

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Meet the Team: Dr. Anthony Iannarino


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Meet the Team: Dr. Caleb Fatzinger

MEET OUR NEW PHYSICAL THERAPIST: CALEB!   Question: Why did you decided to become a physical therapist?

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Q&A with Hood lacrosse star Kara Phoubandith

By Kyle McFadden Kara Phoubandith traveled down an uncharted path. After suffering her first major injury in the spring of 2016, a torn ACL, the prospects of a promising lacrosse career appeared uncertain.

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