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More Water Please

With all the advice out there about leading a healthy lifestyle, staying hydrated is one of the basics that's repeated again and again. But you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. What really happens to your body?

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Why Are Deadlifts Important? 

Why are deadlifts important? No, really, why? Is it because they are one of the big three compound movements? Or, could it be because they help you build a strong foundation for weightlifting? Surely these things are all great reasons, but what are the best reasons to justify the importance of deadlifting? Let’s discuss why deadlifting is so prominent as an exercise and in fitness for sport, as well as its important benefits.

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What Really Happens to Your Body When You Don't Get Enough Sleep

 When you don't get enough sleep, just about every part of your body is affected. You've heard it time and time again: Get more sleep. 

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Are you a fan of pull ups? Why does every top workout program out there include them as a back or bicep exercise? And why is it such a popular military drill exercise? 

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Metrics that matter

We all love and crave data. There is an insatiable thirst to have numbers to back us up and put our money on. A desire for information that can guide and enhance our decision making.  The million dollar question is: which metrics really matter?

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Put Us on your Team

Physical therapists have a unique set of skills and expertise that can do a lot to improve your health and quality of life. If you don't have one, consider adding one to your healthcare team.

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Meet Ben, DPT Student Buffalo

Why did you decide to enter the field of Physical Therapy?

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What Really Happens to Your Body When You Drink Beer Every Night

While researchers are still not sure whether beer is good for your heart and brain health, there's more conclusive evidence around weight and kidney health. We're not surprised that beer's your drink of choice — it's the most popular alcoholic beverage in the United States, making up over 55 percent of all alcohol imbibed, per a September 2018 ​Nutrients​ study.

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5 Benefits of Side Plank Pose

This pose works your core to a huge extent. You have to really use your belly muscles to stay upright, so you'll definitely be feeling the core work the day after.

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Meet Alex, DPT Student

Ever since I can remember, Physical Therapy has always been the goal. I started playing travel competitive sports when I was 7 years old, so I have always either been one, or surrounded by, athletes, training, and additional workout sessions. 

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