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Welcome Dr. Stephanie Hamilton

Welcome Dr. Stephanie Hamilton to R2P3! Stephanie joins the team in Mt. Airy after recently graduating from Shenandoah University, and had a rotation with Dr. Fatzinger earlier this Spring. Experiencing a major knee injury at JMU her junior year made her realize the true importance and life changing impact that physical therapy can have on individuals lives. 

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5 Tips to Manage Chronic Pain

How to Manage Chronic Pain - Knowledge, Keep Moving, Spend Time with a PT, Focus Less on Imaging, The Mental Game

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Tyler Cosner, DPT Student

Meet Tyler! A DPT student from the U, he is working with Dr. Zach Baker in both Frederick and Mt. Airy.  A native of Florida, Tyler has a personal training background and even started his own mobile personal training company before entering the University of Miami's DPT program. Excited to be in Maryland, Tyler is eager to engage with all of our clients and get out into the Community. 

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Early Sports Specialization

Early Sports Specialization Is Associated With Upper Extremity Injuries in Throwers and Fewer Games Played in Major League Baseball.   Conclusion: Professional baseball players who participated in multiple sports in high school played in more major league games and experienced lower rates of upper and lower extremity injuries than players who played only baseball in high school.

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Passive Patient or Active Consumer

By becoming more educated healthcare consumers we can go from passive patients who take the first recommendation that comes from a practitioner to an active consumer who weighs options and makes choices. Here are some questions to talk through with your practitioner the next time a healthcare decision comes up. 

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The simple practice that can help you make better decisions

Self-ruminating can impair your decision-making ability. But adopting this one simple practice can improve it. We credit Socrates with the insight that “the unexamined life is not worth living” and that to “know thyself” is the path to true wisdom. But is there a right and a wrong way to go about such self-reflection?

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Meet Samuel 'Kaipo' Sotelo, DPT Student

Meet Samuel 'Kaipo' Sotelo, a DPT student from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)! Kaipo will be joining our Germantown team during his rotation working primarily with Dr. Michael Reinhardt.  Excited to be at the forefront of innovation for humankind, Kaipo wants to take the role of Physical Therapy further and expand its role in health care.  An avid volleyball and basketball player, Kaipo wants to be an expert in Explosive Training. He can jump out of the gym! Raised in Guam,...

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Welcome Dr. Dustin Colbert

No stranger to R2P, please officially welcome Dr. Dustin Colbert to our team in Germantown! A local product of Damascus, Dustin interned with Rehab 2 Perform during undergrad and recently on a rotation during DPT School.  Dr. Colbert attended Salisbury University where he earning his degree in Athletic Training, where he worked with the Mens Lacrosse, Womens Soccer, and the Track & Field teams during his time.  Dustin continued on and recently graduated from the University of Maryland,...

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Strength Training for Seniors

Strength training is an important type of exercise, but becomes even more important as people age. Without resistance training, we begin to lose somewhere between 0.5% and 1% of our muscle mass each year.  

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Embracing Risk in Rehab

One of the most effective ways to potentially create lifelong patients who remain dependent on the medical system is advising them to completely avoid the things they enjoy doing until they are totally “ready”. The problem with this advice is that seldom do sports medicine professionals ever actually define what constitutes readiness. Article originally from Resilient Performance Systems

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