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Meet Anthony, DPT Student, Marymount Univ.

Meet Anthony! A third year DPT Student from Marymount University.  He is currently working under Dr. Reinhardt in Germantown. A local product from the Brunswick area, Anthony earned his degree in Exercise Science from Coker University while playing lacrosse all four years.  After some amazing experiences traveling abroad and coaching lacrosse he entered PT school to empower athletes and patients of all skill levels and stature to build and improve their movement performance. 

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Get Walking

Walking is one of the most versatile forms of exercise, because you can do it just about anytime, anywhere. These tips will help you get your walk on at the right time for you.

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Ramp it up the Right Way

8 Keys to Safely Returning to the Gym After Taking Time Off

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Meet Azita, DPT Student, Shenandoah Univ.

Meet Azita! A third year DPT Student at Shenandoah University, who is currently working with Dr. Ashley Young in Frederick. An avid DMV sports junkie, Azita graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Kinesiology. Her passion for sports and helping others led her to Physical Therapy, where she wants to apply her rehabilitative skills to empower athletes, whether recreational or elite, to take control of their overall health and wellbeing.  When she is not in the classroom, clinic...

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Keep Your Posterior Chain Strong As You Age

You might be tempted to run with the young guns. Before you do, make sure you're taking care of yourself.

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First Sports Resident - Dr. Parth Naik

We are thrilled to announce our first Sports Resident will be starting this September! Please welcome Dr. Parth Naik! 

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Keep Your Brain Young

As you grow, your brain develops millions of neural pathways that help you process and recall information quickly, problem-solve, and execute tasks with a minimal mental effort. If you always stick to these well-worn paths and avoid challenging yourself mentally, you don’t give your brain the stimulation it needs to keep growing and developing.

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meet Blake

Meet Blake! A DPT Student intern from the University of Maryland, Baltimore.  He is working with Dr. Fatzinger at our Mt. Airy location.  Dabbling in a number of sports growing up, Blake later found a love for coaching basketball at the youth level and later at the high school ranks with girls hoops. This is where he found his love for PT, in trying to help and remedy the athletes when they sustained an injury.   Blake is looking forward to working with, and engaging the activity community in...

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What Does it Mean to Strength Your Immune System?

It’s one thing to support your immune system, but it’s another to actually strengthen it. When we think about strengthening our immune system, we should think about how we fuel it – what nutrients do our specialized immune cells need? Certain immune cells have memory, enabling them to recognize threats and efficiently target them.

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Back 2 Fitness

Using the wrong program can lead to wasting time in the gym, frustration, plateaus in progress and injury. Let's take a closer look at what goes into program design and the cost of getting it wrong.

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