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"CORE: What it is, What it isn't, and How to Train it"

"Core training" used to be a buzzword phrase that would send a frustrated twinge down my spine. I have had countless people ask me: "what are your favorite core exercises?" or "I have a weak core, how can I make it stronger?", or "my back must hurt because my core isn't working" or "I don't need core training, I just lift heavy weights"… okay, you get the idea. It is a very misunderstood and frustrating topic for all movement professionals.

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Meet Dr. Dani Lashlee, Bethesda

Welcome Dr. Dani Lashlee, DPT! She is joining our staff in Bethesda. Hailing from Northern Virginia, by way of Clemson & Elon Universities, Dani brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to R2P4.   "I enjoy working with populations who have strong aspirations and motivation to stay in their activities, whether that be a sport or their job....  I am looking forward to working with other like-minded physical therapists and continue to fill my rehab toolbox to become the best PT I can for my...

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Move More!

If you're looking to be more resilient and defend against these things, physical activity can do it. The dangers of being sedentary are well known and documented in the research. Excessive sitting and sedentary time have even been called the new smoking.

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meet Katie, DPT Student - Belmont

I have a passion for bringing about personal empowerment and developing life-changing habits, specifically our youth. I want to help them get back to doing the things they love, but I also want to help them build a foundation of fitness and self-confidence that will last a lifetime. 

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11 Healthy Grilling Tips for the Best Barbecue Ever

Take a stab at these savvy grilling tips to keep your summer barbecue spread healthy and delicious.   When you're trying to eat nutritiously, grilling can be an excellent way to prepare meat, chicken, fish and veggies. But, as easy as grilling can be, you should follow some precautions to ensure your healthy meal isn't causing you unwanted harm.

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Microwave or Crockpot?

We want what we want and we want it now. A microwave meal is done fast but at the sacrifice of quality. Speed often leaves us with a pizza roll that is “destroy your mouth” hot on the outside and frozen solid on the inside. Positive adaptations take time. It takes patience and the right dosage to cultivate a favorable outcome. 

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Meet Rebecca, DPT Student, Shenandoah

A 3rd Year Student from Shenandoah University, Rebecca is working with our team in Frederick.  'The Rehab 2 Perform team has always amazed me with their positive energy and drive to always become better within the field of physical therapy and out in their communities.'

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13 Benefits of Cardio

Experts recommend getting at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week. Brisk walking or swimming are examples of moderate activity. Running or cycling are examples of vigorous activity. But why is aerobic exercise recommended? Read on to learn about the benefits and to get tips for ways to incorporate aerobic exercise into your routine.

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What Happens During an Adrenaline Rush?

During an adrenaline rush, you feel almost superhuman. Also known as the fight-or-flight response, an adrenalin rush represents a coordinated whole-body response to a perceived threat that prepares you for strenuous physical activity virtually instantaneously. This response involves your brain, nervous system and adrenal glands.

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Meet Anthony Perry, DPT Student - WVU

Why did you decide to enter the field of Physical Therapy?

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