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Upper Body Movement Control Test

The Upper Body Movement Control Test evaluates shoulder and total body stability, movement control, willingness to load the upper extremity, and wrist mobility.

Begin in a plank position with the testing arm aligned with the midline of the chest.. When ready, lift the non-testing arm away from the ground into a 1-arm plank position. Maintaining your balance reach as far to the side as possible while maintaining good alignment, balance, control, and without touching the ground. You may bend the stabilizing elbow however you must return to the starting position for the score to count.

You may measure performance on this test using a tape measure and assessing for symmetry between the stabilizing arms. If you do not have a tape measure available, the minimal standard is to be able to reach at least 2 foot lengths from midline without a loss of balance.

Passing this test requires minimal standards of upper body strength/stability and core stability; and it can be used to help determine preparedness of introducing basic ground based activities for sport, work, and recreation.

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