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Rehab 2 Perform brings their Fitness Focused Physical Therapy company State’s Capital!

Now open, the fifth R2P location is just off Forest drive in Annapolis! R2P serves the community with a modern approach to Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab.  Providing a personalize plan of care with 1-on-1 sessions, Rehab 2 Perform™ sees an array of clients ages 8 to 88 ranging from the active adult, competitive athlete, and those just looking to be more active.

Just minutes from the Rt. 50 & 97 junction, the new location at 1750 Forest Drive features an open concept that may feel more like a gym than a medical office, and provides a ‘Cheers’ like atmosphere that is engaging and welcoming.  “There’s a connectedness of people that develops as they spend time together through the injury recovery process. They see each other often, they’re encouraged by each other’s results, and it’s like a community hub”, says Dr. Josh Funk, owner and founder, who will also open up on the schedule as he is a Physical Therapist.

Whether it is the daily aches and pains, or a major injury from overtraining or playing sports, our experienced staff focuses more on movement, providing the education to reduce the risk of re-injury, and empowering you to lead a healthier and active lifestyle. “We offer a unique service model that goes beyond just physical therapy. It is understanding and reconditioning the full body, and mind, to be able to perform, so we can get you back to your activities pain free and stronger than ever.” – Dr. Jamie Schindler.  Jamie, a native of Anne Arundel County, will step in as Site Director, and head PT, in Annapolis after being with the company for three plus years at the Frederick office.

Check out what Rehab 2 Perform™ has to offer and how we can get you back in the gym, on the field of play, or just chasing the children in the backyard pain free!  Accepting all major insurances, R2P will have you Ready 2 Perform Now and Perform for Life.  Call 301.798.4838 or fill out the form to schedule now.

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