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New Partners on the Pitch


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Maryland United FC and Rehab 2 Perform are thrilled to announce their partnership for the upcoming 2022 Season.  These organizations provide the highest quality of education, instruction, and service for their respective athletes. This collaboration will enhance the development of the MD United FC players, and support club operations through on field instruction, medical coverage, and further education to assist the teams with performing at optimal levels. 

“We are really excited about this partnership with Rehab 2 Perform. As we always aim to provide the best possible youth soccer experience for our players, their health and well-being is a paramount in reaching that goal. Rehab 2 Perform will help enable us to keep our players healthy and work with our injured players to get them back to full performance levels.” Steve Campbell, Technical Director | Maryland United FC.

“This is an amazing opportunity to support one of the states’ top programs, especially one that focuses so much on their players’ development both on and off the field. Our goal as a company is to not only reduce the risk of injury and keep these athletes on the field, but to make sure they are ready to perform at all times.” – Dr. Josh Funk, DPT | CEO/Founder, Rehab 2 Perform

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About Maryland United FC 

Maryland United FC is dedicated to serving the needs of the more committed soccer players by providing the highest level of education and instruction available thereby preparing the players to be a proud representative of the Club at local, state, regional and national competitions. Maryland United FC strives to develop confident players who have not only reached their full athletic potential but are also prepared to become active and productive members of the community. 

About Rehab 2 Perform

Established in 2014, Rehab 2 Perform is a fitness-focused physical therapy company currently with six locations across Maryland. R2P bridges the gap between the medical and performance spectrum and has quickly changed the narrative within the physical therapy industry through its innovative delivery of services and standard of care. 

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