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Growing as Leaders, Class of 2021

We thrilled for these members of our staff to continue their personal and professional development as they have been selected to their  'Leadership' Groups within their respected Counties. 

Dr. Zachary Baker

Regional Director of Rehab 2 Perform, Leadership Carroll, Class of 2021

"As my role within Rehab 2 Perform has evolved, so have my responsibilities. I feel that this program will help build and solidify a foundation of skills that directly translates to the workplace.  To be able to accomplish this utilizing a network of professionals and resources from the community in which I grew up in, is an added bonus." 

Leadership Carroll has been the premier leadership development program in Carroll County. Its purpose is to provide existing and emerging leaders with a combination of leadership training and detailed knowledge of the community, including a description of the problems, opportunities and issues facing our community. Employers from every size business, along with nonprofit and government organizations, enroll their managers and key professional staff in the program and provide them direct contact with the leaders and the institutions central to the process of change in Carroll County. Leadership Carroll is your best opportunity to enhance your own or your employees’ knowledge of who to call on and how to get things done in Carroll County.

Janay Stackhouse

Clerical Administrator, Leadership Montgomery - Emerging Leaders, Class of 2021

"While hesitant at first, I have since learned of the vital aspects of leadership that this program instills in its graduates. Compassion, dedication, honesty; I am excited to gain the tools necessary to succeed as a rising leader within my company and my community. Grateful for this opportunity, I am eager to grow with the Emerging Leaders Class of 2021 and embracing the new version of myself." 

Emerging Leaders is a dynamic program that provides mid-level professionals with the critical tools and connections essential for success. This interactive experience is designed to inform, educate, and connect developing leaders.

A thriving Montgomery County supported by a network of engaged leaders.

Values: Action, Integrity, Diversity, Engagement, Inclusion & Growth  -  These values build a culture that celebrates different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds across operations including strategic planning, programming, recruitment, staff and board composition, vendor selection, and branding.