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Get Your Z's

Control the controllables! In this day and age we are looking for the quick fixes in health but it is time to get back to the basics. Everyone knows to be active, have proper nutrition and stay hydrated, but how much and what quality of sleep do you get each night? It is time to focus on getting a better night of rest! Numerous studies have shown a correlation in quality of sleep to alertness and performance, and that a good night’s sleep may reduce the risk of illness and injury. Below are some tips and benefits of catching the proper ZZZ’s!

“62% of people experience a sleep problem several nights a week”

Benefits of Adequate Sleep

Quality Sleep promotes a wide variety of health benefits that can contribute to overall wellness ranging from:

  • Boosting Brain Activity
  • Increasing Energy Levels
  • Strengthening Immune System
  • Raising Productivity Levels
  • Improved Mood

Sleep Hygiene Tips to Improve Sleep Quality

  • Set a Sleep Schedule (Routine is KEY)
  • Remove Technology from the Bedroom
  • Consider Reading or Stretching Before Bed
  • Control the Room Temperature (Preferably Below 70 degrees)
  • Add Blackout Shades to Remove Light Pollution
  • Introduce White Noise to Limit Noisy Distractions
  • Write in a Journal Before Bed to Calm a Busy Mind