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Explosive Control Test

The Explosive Control Test compares an athlete’s ability to produce explosive power with and without contribution from the arms.

The test consists of two-parts: performing a typical broad jump hands-free, and performing a broad jump with the hand placed on the hips. Measure the length of each jump and compare performance by calculating the percentage as follows: (Typical Broad Jump/Broad Jump Hands on Hips) x 100.

The benchmark for this test is to be within the range of 115-125%. A score >125% is indicative of an athlete relying too much on the momentum from the arms and an inability to produce raw explosive power through the legs. A score <115% is indicative of an athlete being unable to appropriately transfer momentum from the arms to produce explosive power.

This test provides valuable insight into what may be beneficial to address in strength and conditioning programming to optimize power production. 

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