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Activites for Concussion

via Molly Parker, PT (@MollyParkerPT, )

When healing from a concussion there are times where you aren't feeling well enough to be out and about, but not poorly enough to be fully resting.

Here are a few low key activities you can consider

Note that activities the nervous system finds calming may vary throughout recovery and from person to person.

For example, when my vision was more involved I had a hard time coloring or painting, whereas now it is a relaxing activity.

As always, take what serves you and leave the rest...


  • EPSON SALT BATH ~ Great way to calm the body and ease sore muscles. My favorite time is before bed.
  • FLOAT TANK:  While we don't have much research on this, anecdotally people report decreased symptoms after floating.
  • AUDIO BOOKS ~ These are often available with programs like Audible or free through your local public library.
  • BREATHING TECHNIQUES ~ See highlight bubble on my profile page for a few guided techniques
  • MEDITATION ~ Gamechanger for me.  Try apps like @calm or @headspace.  Tons of free ones on YouTube.
  • LIGHT EXERCISE ~ Any movement that is calming for your body. This will look different person to person and may include something like yin yoga or walking
  • COLORING/PAINTING ~ For those lacking artistic ability try adult coloring books and paint by numbers.
  • SPEND TIME IN NATURE ~ Get outside.  This can improve mood, sleep, and reduce stress.
  • MASSAGE ~Treat yo' self
  • PUZZLES/GAMES ~ Try card or boards games around the house or check out programs like Brain HQ.

For times you don't feel well enough to be out, but don't want to sit and stare at a wall, give these a try!