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2-1-2 Bound for Symmetry

The 2-1-2 Bound for Symmetry is a test which looks to evaluate impact control and single leg maximal power.

This test differs from other tests of single leg power as it involves a dynamic start, uses momentum to challenge the testing leg, and removes the skill associated with a single leg hop landing. The test is performed by having the athlete jump from both feet, landing on a single leg before the starting line and immediately jumping as far as possible, landing on 2 feet. 

They cannot cross the starting line on the first jump for the trial to count. Scoring is completed by comparing the furthest jump between sides and can reveal deficits in single leg power between legs. This allows the tester to better evaluate the athlete’s ability to control impact, store energy, and demonstrate maximal power through the testing leg.

These characteristics are important for athletes who repeatedly jump, change direction, and a variety of other sport specific tasks.

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