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More like a fitness center than a doctor’s office, each of our Rehab 2 Perform locations (Frederick and Germantown) feature a variety of equipment, turf, and other features to get you moving quickly and performing at your peak!

Rehab 2 Perform Staff

Rehab 2 Perform was created in 2014 to fill an important need for physically active people. A hybrid between traditional physical therapy and personal training, we provide solutions to improve movement and help you achieve your goals. Our services cater to all athletes – from beginners and youths to career athletes and everyone in between.

We firmly believe that our ability to perform, is essential for all areas of our lives. Whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, triathlete, runner, CrossFitter or anything in between, our ability to perform affects more than just our physical health, but our mental and social well-being as well. In our mutual goal of improving your health and performance, it is through education that we are able to empower you to take control of the process. At Rehab 2 Perform, it is our goal to provide you with education and solutions that not only give you the physicality necessary to perform now, but perform for life. 


To provide clients with innovative Physical Therapy, Sports Rehab and Performance Training services to improve their performance, overall health and quality of life.

Corporate Staff

  • Dr. Josh Funk of Rehab 2 Perform and Lax Factory

    Dr. Josh Funk, DPT, CSCS, PRC, CF-L1
    Founder / CEO

  • Bailey Rankin of Rehab 2 Perform

    Bailey Rankin
    Director of Operations

Frederick Staff

  • Dr. Zach Baker, Dr. Zach Baker, DPT, CSCS

    Dr. Zach Baker, DPT, CSCS
    Site Director / Performance Physical Therapist

  • Dr. Jarred Boyd of Rehab 2 Perform

    Dr. Jarred Boyd, DPT, MS, ATC, CSCS
    Performance Physical Therapist

  • Dr. Caleb Fatzinger, DPT, ATC

    Dr. Caleb Fatzinger, DPT, ATC
    Performance Physical Therapist

  • Dr. Anthony Iannarino, DPT, CSCS

    Dr. Anthony Iannarino, DPT, CSCS
    Performance Physical Therapist

  • Dr Karyn Farrar

    Dr. Karyn Farrar-Bliss, DPT, CSCS
    Performance Physical Therapist

  • Kristen of Rehab 2 Perform in Frederick MD

    Kristen Galligan
    Client Coordinator

  • Kara Poughbandith of Rehab 2 Perform

    Kara Phoubandith
    Client Coordinator

  • Ryanne Spigelman

    Ryanne Spigelman
    Clinic Coordinator


Germantown Staff (Coming Soon)

  • Frederick Clinic Coordinator
  • Frederick Clinic Coordinator
  • Frederick Clinic Coordinator