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Creating a Home Field Advantage

By edayadmin | February 9, 2021

In over 10,000 NCAA 1-A Football games, the home team won 59.97% of the time. From body paint to crude taunts, teams and fan bases will go a long way…

Injury Mitigation

By edayadmin | January 26, 2021

An updated perspective on the concept of “injury prevention” The proceeding discussion is in response to a discussion that resonated with me from this past weekend’s online summit. Our very…

Not Seeing Progress? Here are 6 Questions to Ask. 

By edayadmin | January 13, 2021

We’ve all been in this situation. You look at your schedule and it’s the client you just can’t seem to move the needle with. You’ve both tip toed the conversation…

5 Keys To Exercise Selection

By edayadmin | December 29, 2020

5 Keys To Exercise Selection We’ve all been there as a student or young coach — you find yourself in a situation where your mentor is positioned ominously over your…

3 Key Objectives of an Initial Evaluation

By edayadmin | December 14, 2020

Sweaty palms and nervous jitters cloud my brain as the proctor firmly asks for my diagnoses. “Likely glenohumeral impingement” I sigh out. The proctor nods and the butterfly’s in my…