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The 3 Ingredients of a Good Test

By Matt Cornell | March 23, 2022

Are you testing _____?!  I think we’ve all had that discussion with a colleague or taken a stroll through social media that leaves a pit in our stomach.  Are we…

Inertia: A tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged

By Matt Cornell | March 2, 2022

⁠Newton’s First Law of Motion: An object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays at rest. ⁠⠀ “Nothing happens until something moves”⁠⠀- Albert Einstein ⁠⠀ What…

Tolerance vs. Capacity

By Matt Cornell | February 9, 2022

What’s the difference?! Terms like “tolerance” and “capacity” get thrown around a lot these days in the worlds of reconditioning and performance. Oftentimes, there can be quite a bit of…

Pain + Reflection = Progress

By Matt Cornell | January 27, 2022

In his book, “Principles”, Ray Dalio discusses the necessity of failure and frustration for improving problem solving abilities. He provides the simple equation Pain + Reflection=Progress to show the path…

Mentorship: Beyond Just Teaching

By Matt Cornell | January 6, 2022

Just the word “mentorship” often means different things to different people. What exactly is mentorship and what do we expect to receive from it? It may convey the idea of…

The Slippery Slope of Resulting

By Matt Cornell | December 22, 2021

As a coach or clinician we are results thirsty. Results are probably why we entered the field. To help others meet goals. To be better versions of themselves. We brandish…

Demystifying Return to Lifting

By Matt Cornell | December 9, 2021

“When will I be able to get back to squatting?” “When will I finally be able to get back into deadlifting?” “I’ve been trying to get back into CrossFit for…

Are You Empowering Your Clients with Contingency Plans?

By Matt Cornell | November 23, 2021

We all know the moment. A client who has been progressing well shows up for your session. You spot it immediately, their body language is a bit off. Is that a limp? You know what there going to say before they even say it…..⁠

5 Keys to Maximizing Your Next Internship

By Matt Cornell | November 4, 2021

Internships and clinical experiences can come in a broad array of packages — some great, some decent, and some just downright ugly. Students and interns are often placed in tough and unfamiliar situations.

How 2 Speak Your Clients Language

By Matt Cornell | October 20, 2021

“Take things as they are. Punch when you need to punch. Kick when you need to kick” – Bruce Lee  What is your primary professional language?  Where does your comfort…