ACL Injury Rehab

The ACL Injury Epidemic

Over the past decade, ACL injuries have quickly become an epidemic in the sporting world. With over 150,000 ACL injuries on a yearly basis, a significant amount of attention in the sports medicine realm has been devoted to the reduction and rehabilitation of this life-altering injury. It is also of note that 2/3 of ACL injuries are non-contact in nature and the ACL injury affects females at a much higher rate than males.

What ACL Rehab Looks like at R2P. Check it Out!

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Our ACL Rehabilitation Process

Typically, the rehabilitation process for someone who has undergone ACL reconstruction can vary from 6-12 months. At Rehab 2 Perform™, we have made the progressive transition to a Phase-Based Rehabilitation program which allows us to progress or halt the programming of an individuals rehab regimen based on whether they meet certain subjective and objective criteria. This unique and cutting-edge approach allows us to individualize the sports rehabilitation program directly to the athlete's abilities, needs and goals at the time and significantly reduce the risk of re-injury while also accelerating the rehabilitation process.

Why ACL Rehab at Rehab 2 Perform?

The ACL rehabilitation process at Rehab 2 Perform™ is structured and supervised by a Doctor of Physical Therapy level clinician, in addition to physical therapists who have earned their Certification in Strength and Conditioning. In addition to our phase-based rehab program, our physical therapists employ the most current research when implementing Return to Sport testing that is necessary to clear our athletes for the playing field. With an extensive network in the local and regional medical community, Rehab 2 Perform™ champions our ability to communicate and function in a synergistic role with your surgeon to ensure a seamless and smooth experience while in physical therapy.

The Rehab 2 Perform™ team specializes in the rehabilitation of ACL tears from the acute phase to return to competition. Our individualized assessment and programming is tailored directly to the individuals needs and goals and enables each of our clients to make quick, but safe progress as they track towards their respective goals. Featuring an emphasis on total body re-conditioning, our team of highly skilled physical therapists ensures not only adequate movement skills but optimal conditioning levels as you look to properly return to your prior sporting activities. With our fully equipped weight room and over 1,000 square feet of turf, our facility ensures that you have no stone left unturned as we progress you to higher level movement and training to simulate sport-specific tasks. At the end of the rehabilitation process, it is our goal that you are greater than you were before the ACL injury!

Return to Sport

When can you return to sport following ACL Surgery? Return to play decisions are multi-factorial and depend heavily on a variety of factors such as your ability demonstrate appropriate functional movement patterns, ability to run/jump/change direction without compensatory strategies and the sport in which you are returning to. Click HERE to learn more about our guidelines for returning to your sport.