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From lecture series and career days at schools to hosting courses and producing our own educations seminars, Rehab 2 Perform has a strong passion for continuing our education and spreading our knowledge to those in the local community and partners in the medical world.

This year we will be hosting a number of Continuing Educational courses at our facilities and R2P Seminars presented by our staff. Check out the details below and click on the links to register!

Are you looking for us to host an event? Or want one of our therapists to come speak at your school or event? Please contact or business operations manager Matt Cornell, 

R2P 2019 Spring Seminar

Join us Saturday, May 18th for the 2nd annual Spring Seminar! Our expert staff will dive deeper into the blueprints that set the standard as we guide patients from Rehab 2 Perfomance! Register Now!   


  • INTRO OF FOUNDATIONS: The Blueprints - Dr. Jarred Boyd & Dr. Anthony Iannarino
  • CASE STUDY #1: Acute Labrum Tear After Fall On Outstretched Hand - Dr. Zach Baker & Dr. Jamie Wood                                      
  • CASE STUDY #2: Rehabilitation Framework for the Tactical Athlete Returning to Duty - Dr. Josh Funk & Dr. Caleb Fatzinger

For the case studies, each rehab process will be broken down into four stages: homeostasis restoration, athletic foundation, biomotor integration, and performance actualization. With each phase, exit criteria with objective checkpoints will facilitate the rehab process blending a criteria based model with a timeline influence medical model.  During the lab clinicians will be guided through return to activity progressions, demographic norms for certain movements, as well as have a better understanding of the testing and demands on our athletes through their regular routine. 

Earn Continuing Education credits (8 hours) through ACSM, APTA, NASM, and NSCA.



R2P 2018 Fall Seminar

On Saturday November 10th, 36 Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, and DPT Students from seven states joined the R2P staff at our Germantown location for a full day seminar as we revealed our HOW and WHY in guiding patients from Rehab 2 Performance!

R2P Fall Seminar 2018

Check out the highlights and recap here 


2018 R2P Spring Seminar recap and highlights HERE! The seminar featured dynamic, educational sessions featuring current concepts in the world of rehabilitation and performance.


January 26&27, 2019 at R2P GERMANTOWN: Rocktape - Fascial Movement Taping, Level 1 


The FMT certifications are designed for therapists and practitioners who want to further their understanding of human movement. FMT Basic addresses theories and applications for rehab, posture, edema and sports performance. FMT Performance builds on FMT Basic concepts, with an emphasis on myofascial pathways, movement therapy and performance enhancement.


April 6 & 7, 2019 at R2P GERMANTOWN: Rocktape - FMT Blades & FMT Advanced


FMT Blades introduces the concept of movement therapy and performance enhancement via Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). The tools may be hard-edged, but the techniques don’t need to be aggressive to deliver superior patient outcomes.The FMT Blades certification will review screening dysfunctional movement patterns and utilizing soft tissue tools to improve patient outcomes.


September 7 & 8, 2019 at R2P GERMANTOWN: Rocktape - FMT RockPods & Rockfloss 


FMT RockPods explores the science of tissue gliding, traction and decompression with easy to use myofascial cups. RockPods are one of the latest additions to the RockTape tool arsenal to better equip each clinician and therapist to deliver superior patient and client outcomes. FMT RockFloss explores the science of compression band flossing and fascial shearing to help improve joint mobility, reduce pain*, and enhance movement. RockFloss is the one of the latest additions to the RockTape tool arsenal to better equip each clinician, therapist or trainer to deliver superior patient and client outcomes.