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Recover From Home with R2P

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We are pleased to offer our Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab services through a secure Online option!   TeleRehab, or telehealth, lets you easily connect with a Doctor of Physical Therapy through web-based technology, all from the convenience of your home. Sessions are delivered 1-on-1 in real time on a secure, HIPAA compliant platform. TeleRehab provides our expert staff the ability to educate, discuss strategies, and guide your care remotely.   

Reduce Your Pain and Build a New Baseline during these times. 

Click below to fill out our online request form or give us a call at 301.798.4838 to schedule your TeleRehab sessions now!


Is TeleRehab Covered By My Insurance?

  • We are able to see NEW, Current and Former clients via Telehealth with Aetna, CareFirst, Cigna/ASH, Medicare and United Healthcare Insurance plans.
  • For clients with Tricare, we are able to provide Telehealth to current clients ONLY.
  • There are Self-Pay ($35) options for New, Current, and Former Patients who are carrying other insurances.

*Normal Copay, Co-Insurance and Deductible Payments may apply, and will be billed accordingly.

What You Can Expect:

  • One-on-One Live Session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Guided Evaluation and Movement Assessment
  • Continued Discussion and Supervision
  • Education and Strategies
  • Creating or Changes to your Home Exercise Program (HEP)

Tips for a Successful TeleRehab Session

  • Ensure your device is connected to a strong/stable internet connection. If using a cell phone, being connected to an internet source can provide a better connection
  • Look to connect ~5 min prior to the start of your appointment. If you get into the session before your provider, please wait until the provider joins you.
  • Ensure you have ample space needed to complete your session and make yourself comfortable. Choose a location in which you can be most comfortable both physically and emotionally. You will be asked by your therapist to move during your visit so make sure you have room to move. You want to be able to share information freely with your therapist so chose a location that is private and without distractions. The more comfortable you are in your surroundings the better the outcome of the visit will be.
  • Choose a consistent location. Using the same space for every visit allows for your provider to know what equipment and furniture is available for treatment.
  • Be prepared that you may potentially need to move your device into a position in which full visionary field can be achieved throughout the video call.
  • Wear comfortable clothes you typically would wear to engage in physical activity, that allow for movement that can be seen over video. Having appropriate attire allows for your provider to assess how parts of your body move to determine the best intervention.
  • If you are unable to connect with your clinician, please call the clinic where you made your appointment and they will re-schedule. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, many networks are experiencing high volume that can cause disruption

Research Supporting Telehealth