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While your lower back pain is certainly individual to you, it is important that you know many other individuals are also experiencing it. In fact, it is the most common diagnosis we see at Rehab 2 Perform each year.

At R2P we focus more on movement and functionality to progress you through your plan of care.  Utilizing criteria-based rehabilitation, we  use benchmark performance measures that test your movement competency and capacity to determine activity progressions.  Early stages of rehab may include manual therapies, massage, dry needling or foam rolling before transitioning to our turf area and more progressive exercises with the goal of getting you back in action and Ready 2 Perform!

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The Facts with Pain

back pain with bannerStudies show that:

  • As many as 80% of adults will experience an episode of low back pain at some point during their life.
  • Low back pain is the leading cause of activity related impairment worldwide each year.
  • Cases of chronic low back pain are increasing

How much pain is too much?

Pain can be a good indicator of tolerance for an activity, specifically in cases of acute injury. However, too much respect for pain intensity and response can be an inhibitor of progress and lead to more challenges down the road.

Individuals experiencing low back pain typically fall into three broad categories at Rehab 2 Perform:

  • Acute Low Back Pain: 

Acute low back pain episodes include pain that is generally less than 6 weeks in duration. It can be associated with a specific injury although that is not always necessary and can often occur without a clear cause. Individuals with low back pain can often determine a specific time or activity with which their episode of pain began (i.e. bending over or during activity like weight lifting a specific moment during activity).

  • Chronic Low Back Pain:

Chronic low back pain includes episodes of pain that have generally lasted greater than 3 months. Chronic low back pain is often referred to as persistent back pain. Individuals that have had episodic back pain over months to years typically fall into this category. The intensity and quality of symptoms varies greatly in this category ranging from individuals significantly limited with daily activity, to those that are able to generally tolerate activity but maybe aren’t performing at their best as a result of their pain.

  • Post-Surgical Low Back Pain:

Occasionally patients require surgical management to address their back pain. In these cases, our staff will work together with your surgical team to ensure a safe return to your prior activities. This course of care often presents similarly to an episode of acute low back pain with the addition of consideration for healing surgical incisions and post-operative guidelines.

What else can you do to help the process?  Make physical activity a part of your daily routine. Stay Positive! Mood can have a big effect on your pain and your progress towards goals.  Eat properly, get your rest, and control what you can control!

Between our Unique Facility and our Expert Staff, R2P will guide you back to the activites you enjoy, pain free!

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