Knee & Leg

Click on the Injury below for more information on what it is and how we will potentially treat it. These are some of the more common and general injuries we may see and are not an exhaustive list. Our dedicated and experienced staff will work with you on any issues and pain you may be experiencing and create a unique plan of care to meet and exceed your goals.
Watch these videos as Dr. Baker discusses Knee Injuries - the reasons you may be having pain, and what to do to relieve those issues. 

Following ACL injury, you will work with your surgeon to establish a timeline for surgery and the whether pre-operative therapy is indicated. During pre-operative ACL rehabilitation the primary goals will be to regain range of motion, reduce swelling, and to maintain muscle strength and control as able. Following surgery, your surgeon will recommend initiating post-operative therapy within 2 weeks of surgery. Your physical therapist will work with you and the surgical team to establish a plan of care that aligns with the surgeon’s rehabilitation protocol, your goals, and current treatment recommendations. Throughout the rehabilitation process, your physical therapist will work with you to establish short and long term goals that will assist you in returning to your goal activity as appropriate.