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Performance Physical Therapist

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Andrew had a unique perspective and exposure to movement and medicine, beginning as a child. His mother was paralyzed before she had him. He recognized the importance of movement and the idea that movement can look quite different from person to person. He spent his high school years pursuing a variety of athletics including basketball, volleyball, and soccer.

Andrew spent his undergraduate years attending Grace College, where he continued his basketball career. It was during this time that Andrew's childhood experiences and pursuit of maximum sport performance culminated in a growing passion for the field of physical therapy.

He obtained his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Toledo,  where he also met his wife, Sara. While in physical therapy school, Andrew obtained his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification. He continues to use this certification to allow him the opportunity to coach group fitness classes at Orange Theory and be involved with the local high school sports scene.

Andrew draws his passion from experiences with his mother. His drive comes from years of pursuing excellence in the sport and fitness industry. Andrew uses this passion and drive, combined with clinical skills, to help make a lasting impact on each patient who walks through the doors at R2P.