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Sports Rehab

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Our Sports Rehab services are exactly what you’re thinking … we work to get an athlete back to the playing field quickly and safely. Pain management is only a small part of the process. From the ACL Injury and Ankle Sprain to Shoulder Dislocations and Hamstring Pulls, The overarching goal is returning to optimal function through a wide variety of athletic movement progressions, while educating the athlete to prevent future injuries.

Featuring over 1,000 square foot of turf at each of our locations, we are able to work with our sports rehabilitation clients through a full spectrum of agility, balance, coordination and other dynamic movements necessary for return to sport. Each of our Doctor of Physical Therapy level staff has advanced credentials and experience in sports performance training that enable them to take you to the highest levels of performance, all while ensuring you meet certain Return-To-Sport criteria necessary to decrease your risk of re-injury. 

Insurances Accepted:
Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS, Carefirst, Anthem)
United Healthcare
Tricare (Preferred Provider) 
Cigna (Out-of-Network)

**We DO Accept Worker's Comp**

Self- Pay Options:
Initial Evaluation- $145
Follow-Up- $95
Follow-Up (Surgical)- $70

*Packages for Self-Pay are available upon request*