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Telerehab - coming soon!

Telerehab Could Ensure That You’re Completing Your Home Exercises Correctly

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How Much Physical Activity Do Kids Need?

One of the best ways to combat the rise of these diseases is to make sure that your kids are getting enough physical activity.  As part of the 60 minutes daily, it is recommended that children participate in muscle strengthening activities 3 days/wk and bone strengthening activities 3 days/wk.

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Nicholas Tucker HS Intern

Learn more about Nicholas! A life long baseball player, Nicholas is a HS intern from Tuscarora who will be looking to play ball in college while pursuing a degree in Exercise Science and later PT School. 

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Michelle Landis DPT Student

Meet Michelle Landis, a third year DPT student from the longhorn state where she currently attends Texas Woman's University in Houston.  She has been working with Dr. Iannarino in Germantown. 'My true passion lies in helping young female athletes successfully rehabilitate from injuries and perform at the level of sport they desire.'

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Should Your Kids Focus on One Sport, or Try Them All?

Via Macaroni Kid: I recently met up with Dr. Josh Funk, Owner of Rehab2Perform and expert on all things related to physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, and athletic performance. We discussed how more and more kids are finding a single sport they enjoy and focusing on it year-round, rather than choosing a new sport or activity each season.

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Dr. Boyd: Stress, Recover, Adapt

This article highlights three practical methods to facilitate a shift to recovery and promote the positive adaptation to training loads. With this information, all parties involved in the athletic development process, especially physical preparation coaches and practitioners, can further assist athletes in displaying high physical capacities while mitigating their susceptibility to injury.

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Ryan Murphy,DPT Student

Meet Ryan Murphy, a second year student in PT school at the U! Ryan also received his bachelors in Health Sciences from the University of Miami but originally hails from Massachusetts.   He will be working with Dr. Baker over the next two months in our Frederick office.  ‘The desire to maximize the movement potential of society so that everyone can live fulfilling and active lives is ultimately what drove me to become a Physical Therapist.’

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Do You Know Why You Have Back Pain?

Is the source of your low back pain a mystery? You’re not alone: Nine out of 10 patients don't know the primary cause of their back pain. The problem is that most people seek treatment after they’ve begun exhibiting symptoms of back pain. While this may seem logical on the surface, we’re here to tell you that there’s a better way.

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Dustin Colbert, DPT Student

Meet Dustin Colbert, DPT Student from the Univ. of MD, Baltimore Why did you decide to enter the field of Physical Therapy? After a long path of deciding between medical professions, I got into Athletic Training at Salisbury University.

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PT Visits are Just as Important as Annual Cholesterol Tests

You know the drill: During your annual visit, your primary care physician will order a cholesterol test. Combined with an assessment of health measures such as diet and exercise, the results of the cholesterol test will provide your physician with the information she needs to make a recommendation. 

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