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RECAP: Youth Performance Seminar @ Anytime Fitness

man and woman presenting to group of kidsEarlier this month Gene Sherman invited Rehab 2 Perform out to Anytime Fitness at Spring Ridge to talk with parents and athletes about injury reduction and performance training.  Dr. Zach Baker and Dr. Jamie Wood spoke about prevalence of youth injuries in sport activity, contributing factors to injuries, priorities and considerations of youth performance training, and strategies to optimize performance. The informal atmosphere with the audience allowed for back and forth conversation between the physical therapists, parents, and athletes. Athletes were called to the front of the room to be given the opportunity to attempt common single leg exercises and multidirectional movements that can be performed as part of a training regimen. One of the overarching concepts of the talk was variability.  The importance of having a variable training regimen throughout the year, as well as, keeping day to day workouts and exercise selection of those workouts variable.  Thanks again to Anytime Fitness for allowing Rehab 2 Perform reach out and provide athlete and parent education in a fun and interactive environment. Good luck to the high school and middle school athletes participating in training at Anytime Fitness! Kids listening to the doctors present on injury prevention