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RECAP: ACL Screening @ Linganore High School

Thursday 1/25/17 Rehab 2 Perform hosted an ACL Injury Risk Reduction Screen at Linganore High School. The evening began with a discussion lead by Dr. Caleb Fatzinger, DPT, ATC on mechanisms of ACL injury and why the injury is so prevalent. Main topic of the discussion was on different factors that may predispose an athlete to injury and how those factors can be influenced in order to reduce the overall likelihood of sustaining an ACL injury. After the presentation Dr. Caleb Fatzinger, with the help of 3 of Rehab 2 Perform 3rd year physical therapy students, demonstrated what the ACL screen would consist of and what each station’s focus would be. The athlete’s were divided into groups as they rotated through 4 screening stations. The screens focused on lower body mobility, single leg stability, landing mechanics, and single leg movement and power. Athletes were given scored on each test and given their results designating which tests they performed well on and which tests had room for improvement. Athletes were given their scoring sheets to take home with the goal of each student being able to take away movements they can optimize that are specific to the needs of their bodies. Rehab 2 Perform has organized a video library on their YouTube channel with simple strategies, movements, and exercises for the athletes to implement at home. Each video will correlate with a specific screening test that the athletes will be able to utilize based off their areas of needed improvements.


If you or someone you know is interested in hosting an injury screening contact