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Nicholas Tucker HS Intern

What excites you about potentially entering the field of Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy could change an individuals life. Physical Therapy doesn't discriminate any age, and or fitness level. It could be an athlete coming to PT to get back on the playing field, or a middle aged individual complaining of back pain or joint soreness. The exciting part about this is, no patient is the same. Everyone will progress at different rates, have different injuries, injure themselves different ways, and that itself keeps a PT engaged and catering to each patient personally in order to achieve his/her quickest recovery.


Tell us about yourself:

I am currently a senior at Tuscarora High School. Frederick, MD has always been the place I call home.

I have played baseball my whole life, starting at T-Ball, and working up to playing at a high competition level. Baseball has always been my sport and my family’s sport. I’ve been surrounded by it for as long as I could remember. The memories of my Dad working with me and my brother in the backyard, to travelling to tournaments during the summer, and calling those our vacation. I have had the opportunity of watching my brother play collegiately at Concord University the past three years and I working to play at the next level as well.


What have you enjoyed the most about interning at Rehab 2 Perform? And what are you looking forward to the most?

Rehab 2 Perform is an unbelievable facility. The PT’s here are very knowledgeable and great with their patients. Watching all of them interact with the patients and accumulating a relationship and trust is a very cool scene. I have gathered a greater understanding in the anatomy of the body, and how it works, and what exercises and variations should be done to treat each patient. I am looking forward to the many more learning experiences and observation opportunities that will come in the rest of this semester.


What are you plans for the future and do you plan to be in the health and wellness field?

After high school I plan to go to a four year university and study Exercise Science for my undergraduate degree and apply for PT school after. I am between Shenandoah University and Bridgewater College and hope to have the opportunity to play baseball as well.