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Meet Justin!

Why did you decide to enter the field of Physical Therapy?

In the Navy, I experience a major injury that resulted in medical retirement. In my two years of rehab, I got to work with some outstanding rehab professionals. I was truly touched by their knowledge and compassion. Ultimately, they ended up changing the course of my life. I decided that after I retired, I would to try to go back to school to and help people injury doing what they love.

What is your background?

Fitness has always been a big part of my life. Growing up I wrestled and played football. After high school, I spent over ten years in the Navy as a Special Warfare Boat Operator. In Naval special warfare, fitness is a major part of the culture. After medically retiring from the Navy, I moved to Nashville, TN and attended Lipscomb University, majoring in Kinesiology with a minor in Biology. Following undergrad, I attended physical therapy school at Belmont University in Nashville.

What is your specialty/niche when it comes to being a future physical therapist?

I am excited to work with athletes and active individuals to get back to the activities or occupations that they love. I truly love progressing my patients and clients through the progression from table to turf.

What are you most looking forward to joining the Rehab 2 Perform team?

While at Rehab 2 Perform I am really looking forward to perfecting my ability to implement return to performance protocols and progressions. Additionally, I hope to continue to develop my understanding and application  of return to performance testing procedures and exercise progressions for rehabilitation.

What are your plans on trying to engage and connect with the Frederick community?

R2P has recently been added to the Veteran Affairs Community Care Program. I am excited to work with other veterans in the local community to move better and get out of pain.