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For Runners

Why You Need a Strong Core for Running

The main benefit of core strength for runners is increased stabilization in the torso. Your core muscles – the chest, back, abs, and obliques – are what keep your torso upright when you run, and reduce “wobbling” when moving your arms & legs.

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Walk 2 Run Program

Ideal for brand-new runners, or those returning to the sport from injury or a long layoff, a run/walk program guides the athlete to a safe transition from non-running to running, or allows him or her to return to running successfully. 

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Get Walking

Walking is one of the most versatile forms of exercise, because you can do it just about anytime, anywhere. These tips will help you get your walk on at the right time for you.

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Running Tips during these times

Is it safe to run outside?   Should I wear a mask out on solo runs?

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